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Dyanthe’s Weekly Letters

Week of May 23, 2016

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

This past weekend, TNS staff gathered at Wave Hill for our annual retreat.  We collaborated with Bank Street’s Emotionally Responsive Practice to further develop emotionally responsive school routines, curriculum and adult-child interactions. We left with a deeper understanding of child development and the relationship between emotional integration and learning, and ideas about inviting and containing emotional and social issues in the our classrooms and school.  Our work this weekend built upon on our mission to provide a safe and motivating environment for children to try new experiences to build on their strengths and to go further in the areas where they need improvement.

Construction is still happening at TNS.  The end date has been postponed for a second time (the original date was October 2015) and the School Construction Authority has tentatively set a new deadline of July 2016.  Parents from the TNS Wellness Committee and Star Academy are circulating a petition demanding that construction be completed by September and that all damage to the yard and building as a result of construction be repaired.

Mark your calendars:

  • Please join us for SING on Wednesday at 8:45am in the auditorium.

  • Our Wellness Committee meets Friday at 8:30am in the PTA Room.

  • There is no school on Monday.



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Dyanthe’s Weekly Letters

Week of May 9, 2016

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

There is a lot going on this week at TNS!  Our Spring Curriculum Night is on Thursday,  beginning at 5:30 PM:

5:30 - 6:15: Makerspace in Library and shares in Danette’s Room, Emily’s Room and with Teddy in the upstairs gym.

6:15 - 7:00: Classroom Shares (these are for the children and families who are a part of this class)

5: 30 - 7: Studio in a School Art Exhibit (building wide)

7:00 - 7:15: SING in the yard

I very much hope you and your children can join us!

Community Day is Saturday, May 14 from 10 - 3pm.  Work in classrooms will happen from 10 - 12pm.  Lunch will be provided from 12 - 1pm.  From 1 - 3pm, Borders Crossers, the organization that has been working with our staff on racism and racial justice will facilitate a parent workshop.  This training provides parents, guardians and caregivers with strategies for how to talk about race and racism with their children. Participants learn how children see race, gain skills for approaching age-appropriate conversations with a racial equity lens, and practice strategies to promote positive racial identity development in children.   I hope to see you all there (kids love helping out in their classrooms on this day!).

Please join me Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. for my last Morning Hour of year to begin a discussion about why/how we talk about race with our children.  In preparation, please read the article, “Children Are Not Colorblind: How Young Children Learn Race” (see attached).  

Mark your calendars:

  • The start date for Breakfast in the Classroom has been pushed back to Monday, May 23 (thanks to Star and TNS teachers and parents efforts and advocacy).  

  • The PTA executive meeting is Thursday at 8:30am in the PTA Room.

  • Friday is a TNS half-day.  Dismissal is at 11:35am.  

  • Third Street Music Share: Our Pre-K - 2nd graders will share the work that they have done in music this year on Tuesday, May 17 at 8:45 a.m. in the auditorium for families and the rest of the school.



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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday night to see comedy at Gotham! It was a great evening! Special thanks to Lorraine for those beautiful posters and for all her help! I will have the details as to how much money we made, this week! 

Carla :)


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Join the TNS PTA 2016-2017

Dear Parents,
The TNS Parent Teacher Association Nominating Committee has kicked off its 2016-2017 PTA Election activities.  The PTA Executive Board positions that are up for election include:

  • President
  • Vice President of Events/Fundraising
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • School Leadership Team (SLT) - 2 vacancies are available

All TNS parents/guardians are eligible to run for a PTA position, which carries a one-year term.  The PTA Board is responsible for managing and delegating activities to several supporting committees.  Together they provide resources for many of the programs and activities that our students consider essential to their educational experience, including:

Studio in the School    . . . . McKinley Library . . . . Science program . . . . Teacher Supplies . . . . Camping Trips . . . . Bake/Popcorn Sales . . . . Community Day . . . . .Halloween Parade . . . . . and much more.

The School Leadership Team is a school-wide group made up of parents, staff members and our school principal and UFT chapter leader or delegate.  It is responsible for assessing school policy as it relates to many aspects of school life.  It also engages in cooperative planning in line with our school mission.  The SLT positions carry a two-year term.

The PTA is a place where working together with other parents can be fun and rewarding.  It allows you to directly influence the happenings of our great school.  It is also a place to extend our collective talents and resources towards a worthy purpose.  I hope you all will consider claiming your place within our PTA family by submitting your nomination.

Nominations can be submitted by email to bbrreetttt@gmail.com or placed in the Nominations Envelope, located outside of the PTA Room.  Self-nomination is allowed.  We will contact all nominees to confirm nomination acceptance. 

All nominations must be submitted by Thursday, June 2, 2016.  The PTA Election will take place during our last PTA meeting on Thursday, June 16, 2016.


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