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Fine Art Photograph by Sophie Gamand

A gorgeous 12x12 photograph from Sophie Gamand's very popular "Flower Power" series. This is the perfect gift for any animal lover. Please take a moment to read about this artists amazing mission:
"America euthanizes upward of 1,000,000 pit bull-type dogs every year. It's a quiet massacre. These dogs make people uncomfortable, which has led the country to be faced with a major pit bull crisis. Around the world, they are equally victims of prejudices that associate them with ultra-violence and make them disposable dogs. Through my series Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution, I decided to photograph them with flower crowns, to infuse a softer energy into their imagery. I wish for this series to challenge the way we look at pit bull-type dogs, and ultimately the way we treat them."
This and much more information about these special images can be found on Sophie Gamand's web-site:

Category: Art
Item ID: 1457  •  Auction Status: Closed  •  Online Exclusive? No
Value: $100.00  •  Minimum Bid: $50.00  •  Bid Increment: $5.00

Donor Information

Sophie Gamand
New York, NY

Business Type: Photographer

Posted by Andrea Begel on February 27, 2017