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5 Classes at Rumble Boxing Studio

"Rumble incorporates the best principles of the sweet science of boxing and strength training, all to help you develop that lean, strong, and confident fighters physique. Rumble is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training, metabolic conditioning (METCON), and uppercut throwing cardio in one clean class."
I'm not sure if I understand all the terms in this description, but it sounds pretty hard core. Go for it!

Category: Health & Fitness
Item ID: 1527  •  Auction Status: Closed  •  Online Exclusive? Yes
Value: $172.00  •  Minimum Bid: $86.00  •  Bid Increment: $10.00

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Rumble Boxing Studio
146 W. 23rd Street
New York, NY

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Posted by Andrea Begel on March 18, 2017