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Original painting by Matthew Kirk

The photo above shows a large detail of this beautiful 15"x20.5" one of a kind painting by artist (and TNS parent) Matthew Kirk.
Matthew Kirk has exhibited in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee and San Jose. The following is from a press release related to his recent exhibition "How the Rest was Won" at the Louis B. James Gallery in New York:
Matthew Kirk uses a variety of humble, sometimes scavenged materials to create chaotic though composed abstract worlds. Comprised of oil stick, chalk, pencil, tape, string, gouache, acrylic, spray paint, and other media on sheetrock, unprimed canvas, plywood, and blackboard masonite, the new paintings are “conflict paintings,” turbulent deconstructions of an imagined landscape alongside a serious desire to put things back in order. Over the past several years Matthew Kirk has created and honed a visual language all his own, with a system of mark-making that references the landscape of urban blight as well as personal symbols of his Navajo heritage. In the past the work has been at times whimsical, though the new paintings reflect a darker mood. Matthew Kirk (b. 1978, Ganado, AZ) lives and works in New York."

Category: Art
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Matthew Kirk
New York, NY

Business Type: Artist

Posted by Andrea Begel on April 21, 2017