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5 personal training sessions at Nimble Fitness

This premium personal training package includes a comprehensive fitness assessment.
"At Nimble Fitness, our personal training programs take an integrated, holistic approach. That means that our functional strength, conditioning and movement work is supported by lifestyle coaching for your key health factors. Your program is created from the results of your customized assessment, done with one of the Nimble Co-Owners, where you’ll discover the keys to your future health success. You’ll also learn about the massive difference between simply exercising versus training with quality form, proper progressions and sufficient recovery to achieve your goals!"

Category: Health & Fitness
Item ID: 1655  •  Auction Status: Open  •  Online Exclusive? No
Value: $800.00  •  Minimum Bid: $250.00  •  Bid Increment: $50.00

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Nimble Fitness
New York, NY

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Posted by Andrea Begel on February 13, 2018