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10 Classes at Imagine Swimming

A wonderful swim program that both of my kids absolutely loved. We still talk about some of their Imagine Swim teachers years later!
"Imagine Swimming believes that the water is a place where children should feel at home. Our founders and teachers live this philosophy and firmly believe that all children must learn to swim. The Imagine staff features former Olympic swimmers, national champions, triathletes, along with an international cast of aquatic enthusiasts devoted to passing along the skills of their favorite sport in world-class swimming lessons.

When people ask us "what makes Imagine Swimming different?" The answer is simple: It’s the Teachers! We are committed to creating swimming classes where kids can feel at ease, where fear turns to joy, and where parents can look on with pride. The mission of Imagine Swimming is twofold: To provide complete safety and flawless stroke technique for every child and to foster the intellectual and emotional growth that only the water can offer."

Category: Children
Item ID: 1662  •  Auction Status: Closed  •  Online Exclusive? No
Value: $470.00  •  Minimum Bid: $235.00  •  Bid Increment: $25.00

Donor Information

Imagine Swimming
multiple locations
New York, NY

Business Type: Swim lessons

Posted by Andrea Begel on February 13, 2018