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LIVE Auction: A "Girl Got Style" One Hour Fashion Styling Party

One hour fashion styling party (ages 10 and up) in your home. Includes interactive styling tutorials with longtime fashion stylist that shows how to use clothing and accessories as tools for creative expression, confidence building, and fun. Let's celebrate with styling tutorials that teach the basics of what to wear to look and feel amazing, and how to make fashion fun.

Hi! I'm Elysha. I'm a mother of two, and have been a fashion stylist since the 90s. I've worked with teens and tweens for brands like Parents, Parenting, and Aeropostale, and I'm now bringing my years of professional experience to help everyday girls achieve style confidence. Here's What I Believe: 1. Clothing is a tool to create confidence. When your girl understands the style basics, she'll be able to put together outfits that make her stand taller and feel stronger in her skin. 2. Always dress as yourself, for yourself. Because trying to be somebody else will never look or feel as good. And other people's opinions should never impact the way your girl feels about herself. 3. Attitude is everything.
How your girl feels in her clothes supersedes all. If she believes she's unstoppable, she is unstoppable.

Category: Fashion & Jewelry
Item ID: 1854  •  Auction Status: Closed  •  Online Exclusive? No
Value: $450.00  •  Minimum Bid: $225.00  •  Bid Increment: $25.00

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Elysha Lenkin
New York, NY

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Posted by Rene Zweig on March 13, 2019