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Refine Method - 5 Class Pack

Refine Method was founded in 2010 by Brynn Putnam, a Harvard educated former dancer with the New York City Ballet. Brynn worked in some of NYC's top gyms and boutique fitness studios, but found that despite logging many hard workout hours each week, her clients weren't getting the results they wanted.

We've built Refine to be a brand new kind of gym. It should feel different because it is different. But that difference should also be exciting and energizing – the first step into unfamiliar ground is the first step towards really achieving your goals.

*Customization of a Personal Trainer*
From absolute beginners to advanced athletes, our proprietary assessment process tailors each workout to fit your unique body, personal preferences and goals. Want to maximize calorie burn, accelerate fat loss, build functional strength, improve lean muscle tone, reduce lower back and knee pain or get pack into shape post-pregnancy? We will refine your program to you.

*Energy of a Boutique, Small Group Class*
Hard-core results, without the bootcamp vibe. Combine workouts curated with help from the country’s top exercise scientists with world-class instructors and the best playlists for a workout that will leave you strong, energized and inspired.

*Innovation of Exclusive Technology*
A suite of exercise equipment, including our custom, MIT-designed Pulley System allows for limitless exercise variety, careful exercise modification for injury and the end to workout plateaus. Get ready for Kettlebells, Suspension Straps, Plyometric Boxes, Slideboards, Medicine Balls, Battle Ropes and much more!

Category: Health & Fitness
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Refine Method
New York, NY

Business Type: Fitness

Posted by Zoe Venezio on March 14, 2019