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Curated Care - Lifetime Membership

A lifetime membership to, a vetted online marketplace of artists & teachers who offer activity-based childcare, at-home lessons, parties, and playdates.

We were inspired to start Curated Care out of a need and desire. As young, modern parents we wanted a better childcare option – one that was filled with unique experiences and inspiring role models for our kiddos. We also wanted something that felt good for us, as parents, to use.

Two years later, what has emerged is a vibrant and feel-good community. We’ve had the fortune to connect with brilliant Kid Experts: Broadway actors, Rhodes Scholars, Juilliard dancers, Montessori teachers and more. We’ve also had the fortune to connect with amazing families who are accomplished artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders themselves.

We are proud to have created a platform that supports arts and education. Our community brings like-minded families and Kid Experts together. It provides an opportunity for artists and educators to make an income sharing their passions, a means for families to cover their on-going childcare and enrichment needs, and a chance for little ones to take advantage of their most formative years. It’s a win-win-win.

Kid Experts are at the heart of our community. They are the talented and skilled professionals who create the unique experiences that inspire.

We seek out talented professionals experienced at working with children

We offer free access to background checks and important verifications

We provide ongoing education for our community of Kid Experts

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Curated Care
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Posted by Zoe Venezio on March 15, 2019