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CHKA - 1 Month Unlimited Adult Classes

CHKA - Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy
Gift Certificate valid for 1 Month of Unlimited Kenpo Karate Classes for 1 Adult


Kenpo is a karate style that utilizes circular movements in rapid succession to overwhelm one’s opponent. We emphasize the use of hands and legs equally. The word Kenpo in Japanese means “fist law”. Kenpo is geared toward self-defense, and since physical strength is not of utmost importance, it is an ideal system for men, women, and children of all ages.

Adult Beginners are invited to attend 5 Lesson Plan Kenpo classes. After taking your first belt test, you will move into Adults Kenpo classes.

Kenpo classes begin with exercising and stretching, then move on to either basic techniques, (punches, kicks and blocks), technical drills, traditional kata or hands-on self-defense techniques.

Kenpo students move up through the belt ranks, with testing opportunities available several times per year. Class placement and eligibility for belt testing is at SIfu Jack’s discretion.

*Expires 5/4/2020

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Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy
122 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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Posted by Zoe Venezio on March 16, 2019