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Balvanera Restaurant - $120 Gift Certificate

$120 Gift Certificate toward dining at Balvanera Cocina Argentina

Welcome to Balvanera!
The first project of Argentine Chef Fernando Navas (Samba Brands Management, elBulli, Nobu), Balvanera represents the cuisine and spirit of Buenos Aires - porteña cuisine with influences from the dynamic regions of Argentina. The menu, from inspired and traditional small plates and composed vegetable dishes to signature carnes and friends&family style platos is a journey from Fernando's upbringing in Punta Alta through his time working in great kitchens in Barcelona, Miami and New York City.

The beverage menu has been developed in collaboration with Argentine Wine Consultant Sebastian Koncurat. The program showcases a noteworthy selection of Argentine wines, following the premise of sustainable viticulture and organic farming and a particular selection of beer. Wine is available by glass, carafe or bottle - accommodating guests with a wide range of options for a great value. For low alcohol libations, Koncurat highlights sherry, vermouth, specialty small batch aperitifs - as well as a Sangria de la Casa.

Balvanera takes it’s name from a historic ‘barrio’, or neighborhood, of Buenos Aires where poets, musicians and creatives once convened. Entering the restaurant, guests will be welcomed by Balvanera’s Buenos Aires elegance and Lower East Side’s laid back charm. With two full sides of French doors, the corner space gets glorious sunshine by day and the LES' lights and action by night. On the soundtrack: A colorful rotation of American classic rock and jazz to funk and soul; Morrissey, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Santigold) integrated with some more esoteric albums from Argentina. A huge contribution to the ‘feel’ of the space is the service: warm, friend-like hospitality. Staff will wear handsome leather-trimmed aprons by Fuga, Argentine designers and friends from Fernando’s hometown (which will soon be available on our website!)

Category: Food & Drink
Item ID: 1926  •  Auction Status: Closed  •  Online Exclusive? Yes
Value: $120.00  •  Minimum Bid: $60.00  •  Bid Increment: $10.00

Donor Information

Balvanera Cocina Argentina
152 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002

Business Type: Restaurant

Posted by Zoe Venezio on March 16, 2019