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Alegra Lowentein Too Busy to Cook:(4-week e-course)

Too Busy to Cook: The Ambitious Person's Meal Planning and Prep (4-week e-course) includes 4 weeks of dinner meal plans, 1 week of breakfast meal plans, sample grocery lists, & 1 week of app-based coaching to help you stay on track & customize your meals

I'm Alegra Loewenstein, creator of Small Steps, Big Magic: Crafting a Life That Sparkles.

This is a pagan inspired health coaching program, that is designed to follow the wheel of year for a richer, more powerful way to create the healthy life you crave, and to find your ideal natural weight by tuning in to the rhythm of the seasons.

With my program it is actually easy to step off the emotional eating roller coaster so they can lose weight naturally. And you don't have to give up the chips, snacks, sweets, treats, or chocolates, either!

My signature program is designed to make sure you slow down, trust and honor your body, and when you do that, you can easily maintain your ideal natural weight weight, have energy throughout the day, and look and feel your best!

Category: Health & Fitness
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Alegra Lowenstein, Health Coach
4640 Cass St #90455
San Diego, CA 92109
(817) 851-7187

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Posted by Evan Venegas on March 17, 2019