Save The Library Day at The Bean!

The Bean Poster

As you may have heard, The Bean has generously offered to dedicate a day to helping The Neighborhood School raise much needed funds for our programming. On Thursday June 7, when students have no school, families (adults and children) have the opportunity to play an important role in this fundraising event! Please come sell lemonade, bracelets, mugs, and other goodies at The Bean on Second Avenue and Third Street. All proceeds go to our Save the Library Fund!

Erica and Lauren’s class, which already has a special relationship with the Bean, is taking the lead, but there are still a bunch of slots available. Please sign up for your choice! Note: Each family will need to arrive 10 minutes before their session starts, to ensure a smooth transition from session to session. Please think carefully about the time slots before signing up, ensuring that you can arrive promptly and stay for its entirety, so that other families will not be inconvenienced. Ideally, we’d love to have two families at a time hosting the stand. It will be more manageable and double the fun! We will partner you up with another family that has also indicated the same session of choice, but if you’d like to pair up on your own, please sign up separately and indicate in the bottom box your partner family.

Here’s the sign up form »


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