About the PTA

2016-17 Neighborhood School PTA

PTA Contact: Room 101, 212-387-0195 ext. 1011, PTA Officers, contact@tnsny.org

Our by-laws can be viewed here »

PTA Officers

Elected by PTA membership for 1 year terms
PTA Officers are responsible to and carry out decisions made by the PTA membership

  • Presidents — Timothy Tait & Elinor Tatum
  • Secretary — Andrea Begel
  • Treasurer — Tamika Hall-Frye
  • Events VP’s — Lorraine Hutra

School Leadership Team Parent Reps

Elected by PTA membership for 2 year terms
Attend PTA/SLT meetings, provide PTA input at SLT meetings, vote at SLT meetings on behalf of parents, provide minutes & report back monthly to PTA

  • Joan Beard
  • Nanine Blomstrom
  • Joree Weinstein


Appointed by the PTA
Responsible to the PTA, attend committee and PTA meetings, budget/decisions approved by the PTA, report back monthly & provide minutes to the PTA

  • Advocacy — Rachel Birdsall 
  • Lower Grade Class Parent Coordinator (PreK-2) — TBD
  • Upper Grade Class Parent Coordinator (3-5) — TBD
  • Wellness — Debra Ifill
  • Health and Safety -— David Hollander & Jessica Stander
  • Diversity — Morgan Cousins & Laura Titkin-Sharick
  • Garden Committee — Nazmin Gordon
  • School Tours/Welcome Committee - Ella Leitner, Jessica Stander, Rene Zweig
  • After School Committee -  Erica Cullmann