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Your Child’s Pathway to Learning to Read at TNS Dyanthe Spielberg
Yearbook Production Process Dyske Suematsu
Why We Do Not Use Commercial Workbooks and Basals Dyske Suematsu
Who We Are Dyanthe Spielberg
Website, Calendar and Listserv Admin
Website Membership Admin
Website Calendar Admin
Ways to Contribute Matthew Gold
Visiting Your Child’s Classroom Dyske Suematsu
Toys Wheelies and Electronics Dyske Suematsu
TNS2PR Home Page Dianne Pannullo
TNS Wellness Committee (also school wellness council) Jenny Ulloa
TNS Policy for Cell Phones and Personal Technology Dyanthe Spielberg
TNS Leadership 2018-19: PTA and SLT Elections Matthew Gold
TNS 25th ROCK BAND Joree Weinstein
The Progressive Elementary Schools Network of the Lower East Side Dyske Suematsu
Thank you for your donation to TNS Matthew Gold
Supervision of Children at Special Events Dyske Suematsu
Snacks Gillian Murphy
Silent Auction Procedure Admin
Scratch Animations Dyske Suematsu
Science at TNS Matthew Gold
School Traditions Gillian Murphy
School Tours Dyanthe Spielberg
School Safety Admin
School Policies and Educational Practices Dyske Suematsu
School Nurse Admin
School Leadership Team (SLT) Matthew Gold
School Leadership Team (SLT) Matthew Gold
School Bus Transportation Jenniffer Martinez
Save the Library 2013 Admin
Save the Library 2012 Admin
Reporting Children’s Progress to Parents Dyske Suematsu
Recess Gillian Murphy
Read-A-Thon Jill Borrero
PTA Committees Lorraine Hutra-Petersen
PTA By-laws Karen Oh
Promotional Policy Dyske Suematsu
Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Elinor Tatum
Parent Interviews Dyske Suematsu
My School Bucks Matthew Gold
Mission Statement Dyanthe Spielberg
Metrocards Dyske Suematsu
Managing School Directory Admin
Lunch Gillian Murphy
Interclass Transfers Dyske Suematsu
Illness Dyske Suematsu
How We Use Books Dyske Suematsu
Homework Philosophy Dyanthe Spielberg
Holiday Celebrations Dyske Suematsu
History Admin
Helping Hands Dyske Suematsu
Health Forms Gillian Murphy
Head Lice Gillian Murphy
Handmade for PR: How to Donate Dianne Pannullo
HANDMADE FOR PR 2017-2018 Dianne Pannullo
Guidelines for Resolving Concerns Between Members of Our School Community Dyanthe Spielberg
Graduation Committee Responsibilities Dyanthe Spielberg
Graduation + Year Book 2016 Victoria Lee Reichelt
Girls and Boys Project Dyske Suematsu
Farm Trip Matthew Gold
Family Conferences Gillian Murphy
Extended Day Dyanthe Spielberg
Events - Detailed Instructions Roxanne Wolanczyk
Emergency Cards Dyske Suematsu
Email Lists Dyske Suematsu
Email List Rejection Notice Admin
Donate Brett Crenshaw
Curriculum Night Dyanthe Spielberg
Contact Us Matthew Gold
Colds, Viruses and the 24-Hour Rule Admin
Clothing Gillian Murphy
Class Trips Gillian Murphy
Class Placement Gillian Murphy
Class Parents Gillian Murphy
Camp Ashokan Matthew Gold
Building Council Dyske Suematsu
Birthdays Gillian Murphy
Becoming Ill at School Admin
Auction Introduction Matthew Gold
Arrival and Dismissal Dyanthe Spielberg
After School Options Denise Soltren
Admission Process Jessica Stander
Absences and Lateness Gillian Murphy
2019-20 Neighborhood School Parent Teacher Association Matthew Gold
2017- 18 Parent Handbook Dyanthe Spielberg
Karen Oh
Paul Matthieu Cornillon
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