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About the Farm Trip

The Manhattan Country School Farm is a small working farm in the Catskill Mountains, 150 miles north of New York City. The 180-acre property features a farmhouse that sleeps 24 students, a textile studio, a nature lab, a greenhouse, a barn, a recreation building, a sap house, a chicken house, and a historic stone house. The farm is staffed by full-time farmers and educators. Students care for the animals (chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep); learn to weave; explore snow-covered fields, mountains, and frozen streams; and study traditional and contemporary life in the Catskills. Zero-mile meals and a closed-loop food cycle are daily experiences. By sharing in these activities, attending daily classes and performing household and barn chores, children come to function as a mutually reliant community. All these experiences are incredibly valuable and special, but I treasure the downtime (and there’s a lot of it) that kids have in between activities to visit the animals, play in the snow or hang out in the farmhouse with friends.

Schedule of Class Trips

  • Caroline & Grace’s class - 3/9-3/11
  • Oli & Lindsey’s class - 3/11-3/13
  • Chelsea & Jane - 3/16-3/18
  • Matt’s class - 3/18-3/20

Payment (Due March 1)

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