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Attendance is reviewed carefully by the Department of Education (DOE). If your child will not attend school for any reason, you should notify the TNS Office as soon as possible.  A “reason-code” is required for the DOE system for all absences. A doctor’s note must be provided if a child has been absent for three days or more.

It is important to remember that good attendance is essential to academic progress. These records are taken into account in applications to middle and special program schools. 

To report absences and late attendance, and/or to make changes in going-home or afterschool arrangements, please call the TNS Office at (212) 387-0198.

407 Forms

These are computerized forms that come from the Department of Education. They are sent to schools automatically when a child has been absent for more than 7 days at a time. It will also be generated when the child has had a pattern of a few days in school and then out of school over a period of a few weeks.

The school must investigate these cases. This may involve Carmen or Noemi calling a child’s home for an doctor’s note or information regarding the reason for the extensive absence. While receiving these calls may be annoying, it will save families a visit from a district attendance worker. Although children are not required to attend pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, once they do they are part of the school system and the same attendance requirements apply. 


The school day begins at 8:25am and a child is considered late by 8:30am (according to the school clocks). Attendance is taken in the classroom and the list is then brought to the TNS Office (room 305). If your child comes in after that time, he or she must get a late pass from the TNS Office - without this pass, the office staff will not know that your child is in attendance and may mark your child as absent.

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