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The regular school day begins at 8:25 A.M.and ends at 2:45 P.M.. [We go by the time on the school clocks.]

Children may arrive from 7:50am to 8:20am for breakfast in the cafeteria. This area is supervised but parents are welcome to stay and keep their children company during breakfast.  All children will be sent up to their classrooms by 8:25am. No child is permitted upstairs before 8:23am.

One unique aspect of the Neighborhood School (TNS) is our class drop off procedure which allows for parents to escort their child upstairs to their classroom. The ability to do this is something we value very much and is not typical procedure for many schools. In order to maintain the ability to do this, however, we must ensure that all adults entering the building are logged in and out.  At morning drop-off and pickup, all adults must sign-in if they are going to the classrooms. At all other times, you would be considered a visitor and would have to show photo ID and sign in with the safety agent.  At arrival and dismissal times, please escort your child to her/his classroom and pick her/him up there or at the designated location.  It is important that children arrive in school on time. Every part of the school day is structured to give your child an opportunity to develop skills and to learn. Children who arrive late will miss some of these opportunities and can often feel self-conscious about coming in to find that everyone is already involved in activities. The support of parents is expected in insuring that their children arrive in class on time.  


Dismissal time on typical school days is 2:45 P.M.  On early release days (half-days), dismissal is at 11:35 A.M.. [See school calendar for dates of school and district-wide half days.]

Children in PK – 2nd grade should be picked up promptly at dismissal time and can only be released to a parent, guardian or specified afterschool program, unless prior written permission is provided.  Children in 3rd – 5th grades must also be picked up unless a parent or guardian provides written permission to allow the child to leave unaccompanied.  In this case, the child will be escorted to the school exit and is expected to go directly home or to an afterschool program or care-giver.  The school yard reverts to being an open NYC Parks Department playground at 2:50pm and there is no formal supervision of the school yard at that time.  It is NOT acceptable for a child to spend time unsupervised in the school yard after dismissal.

If your child’s dismissal routine changes for any reason (e.g. play date, different adult picking her/him up, new afterschool program), the classroom teacher must be informed in writing of this change. Should there be any reason you believe that your child will not be picked up on time, please be sure to inform the TNS Office staff. 

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