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Class Placement

Our classes are designed so that pre-K/K, 1st/2nd and 4th/5th grade children are together in mixed age groups. Children generally stay in the same class for both years. Each spring we begin to think about how to place the senior children in the next grade level. At that time, the principal invites parents to share what they know about their child’s friendships, strengths and needs. While we cannot honor requests for particular teachers, our goal is to form cohesive, well balanced, lively groups of children that will be successful with any teacher on the grade level. 

The principal, your child’s current teachers and the prospective classroom teachers meet to discuss the placement that would best meet your child’s needs. We take the following factors into consideration when deciding appropriate placement:

  1. Children with whom your child works well
  2. Children with whom your child is friendly
  3. Children with whom your child does not have a productive relationship
  4. Ethnic, gender, and grade level balance
  5. A mix of children who provide a broad range of interests in the class

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