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Class Trips

Trips are an integral part of the curriculum. Each class will take several trips throughout the course of the year which may include walks around the block, visits within the community, and/or excursions to museums and other sites in the city or outside. Our 3rd through 5th grade classes go on an overnight trip to a nature center. Classes travel on foot, school bus, city bus or subway depending on the destination. Teachers will notify you in advance about upcoming trips and request parent volunteers to accompany the class and assist in supervision. Some of the trips will require admissions fees. The School PTA can cover the cost of a trip for families who are unable to pay.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved in class trips:

  • Permission slips must be received for every child prior to a scheduled trip
  • One teacher or supervisor and one other DOE employee must accompany every class
  • Cell phones must be taken on every trip and the number provided to the TNS Office staff

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