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School Traditions


Our school “Sing” occurs the last Wednesday of every month after drop off.  Families gather in the school lobby while teachers organize their classes and escort them to the sing area. Song sheets are handed out at each session. This is a wonderful opportunity to see your child among their peers and to see the entire school community together in one place. Teachers and parents play instruments while the children and families contribute the vocals. The entire event typically lasts 10 – 15 minutes. Children practice their songs in class throughout the month and our Sing event is a proud moment for all. We encourage all families to attend.


Halloween Parade

The TNS Halloween parade has blossomed from a small school event to an East Village tradition. Children and families from our school and the surrounding neighborhood gather in the TNS recess yard to show off their costumes before proceeding on our community wide parade.  Our route has typically taken us a few blocks up First Avenue, down Avenue A and eventually back to the TNS recess yard where there is music and fun for all. We hope to see you there!   


Holiday Fair

On a weekend in early December, our school lobby is transformed into a fair ground – mazes are built, food is sold, games are played, photos are taken, cupcakes are decorated. This is a lively occasion and often attracts others from the surrounding community. Families are encouraged to help with set up and to contribute creative ideas. This is both a fun-and-fund raiser and the more we are able to put into it, the more we can benefit from it. In the past parents have either hosted their own booths or helped to think creatively about how to add new elements to the day. Beginning in early October, recruitment will begin for family participation in planning, set up, decorations. Please volunteer to assist in any way you can.


Multicultural Day

Reflecting our school’s great diversity, Multicultural Day is another weekend celebration, often in the spring semester. Families are encouraged to actively participate in this event and share their cultural heritage. Many traditions are showcased in the entertainment that is provided and of course food is a central feature of this day. We encourage all families to share in the various cultures and traditions represented in our school-wide community.

Community Day

Community day tends to involve one part helping to clean and care for our classrooms and shared facilities, and one part thought and reflection. Planned by the SLT (School Leadership Team), each year has a theme but the elements remain the same. Class parents often assess each teacher’s classroom needs and help to ensure that each class has a team of helpers.  On this day in past years, there has been book re-shelving in the library, block cleaning in the classrooms, painting of the bathrooms, hanging of shelves and cabinets, and assembling benches to name a few activities. In addition, a speaker is typically invited to reflect on issues relevant to our school community.

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