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The DOE Office of School Nutrition administers the school lunch program. From Pre-K to 2nd Grade, children eat lunch in their classroom, family-style, with their teachers. The upper grades use the cafeteria area. Children may bring lunch from home or can order school lunches. Daily menus are listed on the school calendar and can also be viewed on the DOE website at Please do not send candy, soda, and highly sweetened or processed foods for lunch. Full price meals are $1.25, reduced price are $.25, and milk is $.25. Children receive free or reduced price meals based on income information you provide the school on the School Lunch Application Form. Payment can be submitted monthly or can be paid in advance for the year. 

Mid-morning snack: All students are given a mid-morning snack which is typically provided by individual class families. Your child’s teacher will establish a procedure for parents to contribute snack items. Again, we ask that parents do not send candy, soda, chips, cookies, and highly sweetened or processed foods/beverages for snack. Instead, we would suggest snacks such as cheese, crackers, fruit, or raw vegetables

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