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At TNS we have two recess periods: one for the children pre-K to second grade and one for third through fifth grade. The younger children have a full 50-minute recess while the upper grades combine lunch with recess over a 50-minute period. Children go outside every day unless there is ice on the playground, it is raining, or the temperature falls below freezing. When it is especially cold and windy but not freezing, we have a warm up space inside where children can spend time if they become cold. It is important for children to wear clothes and shoes that will allow them to be comfortable on the playground. Please dress your children for the weather - hats, gloves and boots are necessities in the winter.

School staff monitor recess while individual classroom teachers have lunch. There is at least one adult present for every class. Children play kickball, baseball, soccer, jump rope, hoola hoop, or run around and devise activities for themselves. When indoor recess is a necessity, the children may bring books or games to the cafeteria. Children are also free to play more active games in the school sing areas. Movies are also available - only G-rated movies are shown. 

Recess Rules:

  1. Equipment must be used as explained by the teachers, even if parents let children use it differently when they are outside of school.
  2. Children are not allowed to climb up the slides. Children must go down the slides on their bottoms.
  3. No one is allowed to pick up anything from the ground such as glass, paper, bottles, sticks, money or candy. Children must tell a teacher if they see something that should be picked up.
  4. No one is allowed to go behind the shed.
  5. No hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling, grabbing clothes or play fighting (pretending martial arts or threatening movements). No playing ‘Truth or Dare’.
  6. If children want a drink or to go to the bathroom, they must ask a designated adult.
  7. Children should not say to anyone “You can’t play”.
  8. Everyone must wear the outerwear they came with unless there is an extreme change in temperature.
  9. No name calling, teasing or threatening language is allowed including, “You can’t be my friend”.
  10. Snacks must be eaten in the big yard before play.
  11. No running with sticks.
  12. Sometimes strangers, family members or people with pets will try to engage children in conversation. Children may not talk to anyone on the other side of the fence. Recess staff may not know whether someone is a stranger or a relative and pets may bite.
  13. Children may only bring jump ropes, balls and chalks to recess.
  14. Tag may be played in the large yard. Everyone in the game must agree on the rules.
  15. Parents will replace equipment that is intentionally lost or damaged.

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