Supervision of Children at Special Events   — Latest version as of 2010-04-17 17:43:06

Supervision of Children at Special Events

We enjoy arranging periodic opportunities for families and the school to come together for celebration and performance. These may be in the classroom, or a more public space such as the yard or auditorium.

Children work hard on their performances and we would like to honor that effort by providing them with attentive, respectful audiences. We also need to insure the safety of children and school facilities. We hope that you will help us in this effort by observing the following guidelines:

  • Children may not come to events outside of school hours unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Children need to be under watchful adult supervision at all times.
  • Children may not enter parts of the building that are not in use for the event
  • If school property is destroyed, the parent is responsible for compensation
  • Children may not run around in the auditorium or play on stage before, during or after a school performance.
  • Siblings may not play with classroom materials during a class celebration unless offered by the classroom teacher.
  • During events that are adult-only, children who accompany adults must be left with the babysitters.
  • Children who are crying or calling out should be taken out of the room until they are calmed.
  • Children may not play the piano in the auditorium.

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