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Homework is a way to connect work in the classroom with a child’s life at home. Activities assigned will often require the child to work with other family members. Homework will differ from classroom to classroom and your child’s teacher will give you more information about your child’s particular homework schedule and expectations.  Children are not assigned homework in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Homework Philosophy:

Children need a balanced life, family time, play-dates, after-school enrichment activities and leisure time, as well as school, are all important to the development of each child. Children and their families are often excited by the “grown-up” notion of having homework. At the Neighborhood School we strive to keep children’s enthusiasm and excitement alive by creating homework assignments that are meaningful, purposeful and connected to the curriculum. The homework assignments we give are not designed to take up the whole of the children’s out of school time. We expect all children to complete the assignments they are given so as to get the most benefit out of the school. Homework activities grow out of the needs and curriculum of each individual class. A child’s success hinges on the involvement of her/his family members and we expect adults in a child’s family to support the child as she/he completes the work.

Ways adults can support:

  • Make a time management plan for completion of the work

  • Read and discuss directions and expectations of assignments

  • Answer questions and offer guidance as your child needs it

  • Listen to help the child clarify her/his own thinking

  • Be available for assignments where adult supervision or involvement is required (for example: neighborhood walks, interviews, going to the library, etc.)

  • Provide a regular time and place for children to work

While the homework is the child’s work, young students tend to need more parental involvement than do older students and the type of parental involvement will change as well. At times, some work is assigned that will specifically require input and cooperation of family members. In these instances, ample time will be provided before the work is due. Communication about the homework should be ongoing. We will try to help you with whatever concerns and needs you have. If your child or family is experiencing frustration, confusion or difficulty, contact your child’s teacher. Homework allows families to work with their children on the concepts and skills we develop in class, and it provides a forum in which children can practice those skills.  Activities are designed to develop responsibility for one’s own work. We expect each child to approach and complete the homework at her/his own level.

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