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Interclass Transfers

Unless there is a very strong reason to the contrary, we expect children to be in class with a teacher for two years. However, if there are compelling social or academic issues, a class change may be considered. If a parent requests a class change, a meeting between the principal and the parent will take place.

The principal will take notes about the parent’s concerns and will bring them to the teacher’s attention. The principal and teacher will then have time to observe and investigate the situation. Following this, the teacher and the principal will construct a plan of action. The principal will apprise the parent of the situation.

If the plan involves changing the class for the following year, the principal and class teacher will confer with the receiving teacher. If the classroom teacher feels very strongly that a class change is indicated for child’s benefit, the teacher will first confer with the principal.

The results of the conference will be a written plan of what the concerns are and how to help the child. If the best possible course of action were to move the child, the receiving teacher would be brought into the discussion with the classroom teacher and principal. The principal will then meet with the parent to discuss the situation before any outcome is finalized.

If a teacher feels that a child should be placed in a different class after the school year has begun, the teacher will meet with the principal to make a plan. The teacher will prepare anecdotal observations and assessments, document what strategies have been tried to help the child, and provide records of problem solving meetings with parents, previous teachers and principal concerning the child. The principal, classroom teacher and receiving teacher will discuss the situation. A meeting will then be held with the family prior to any decision being finalized. If a parent requests a change of placement after the beginning of the school year, the principal will meet with the parent and record the concerns. The principal will bring them to the classroom teacher. The principal and teacher will investigate the problems and create a plan to address the situation. The principal will discuss the findings with the parent. If the plan involves changing the class, this will be discussed with the receiving teacher prior to any decision being made.

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