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Promotional Policy

In assessing children, we look at the individual child and how that child is progressing. We look at how that child reads, writes, solves problems and participates in group work.

Occasionally a child may be struggling and not making adequate progress to be able to successfully engage in work geared to the development level of her/his peer group.

When we are concerned about a child’s academic progress, these are the steps we take to look more carefully at the child and put supports in place to help the child learn.

We initiate a conversation with the family about our concerns. Together we formulate a plan to help the child, to provide the scaffolding that the child needs to progress. We look at concerns such as: Does the child need homework help? Is the child late or absent too often? Does the child need speech therapy or another service?

We also initiate fact-finding conversations with colleagues to review options for the child within the school.

  • We confer with the previous classroom teacher(s) and other teachers who have worked with the child.
  • The principal and teacher confer about the child
  • The teacher may ask another teacher to observe the child
  • The school history of the child is reviewed (the portfolio, previous progress reports, etc.)
  • A Pupil Personnel committee (consisting of principal, teacher, guidance counselor, social worker, resource room teachers) meeting may be convened to look at the need for counseling, small group tutoring or other special services such as resource room or speech
  • Young children (first/second graders) may be considered for the reading program
  • A descriptive review may be held to better understand the child and to generate new ideas for helping her/him in the classroom.

A plan will be made to help the child. Very occasionally, a child’s performance and progress is so different from the range of the class that the child is not able to participate fully in the curriculum of the class. In this case, it may be a disservice to the child to promote that child. The parent would be notified of our concern in writing no later than the time of the mid-year progress reports.

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