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Guidelines for Resolving Concerns Between Members of Our School Community

These guidelines were developed by the TNS community in keeping with our values. The DOE has complaint procedures provided for in The Contract For Excellence (  A parent should always know that it is their right to bypass the guidelines below and go straight to the DOE procedures from the beginning or at any point in the TNS guidelines if that is the course of action with which they feel most comfortable. Please also note that it is always a parent’s right to bring an advocate – any person -- to any meeting.



The Neighborhood School was formed around the belief that parents and teachers can learn from each other. We have always emphasized the collaborative relationships that develop around supporting children in our classes. In order to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually, children need to feel safe. Open and ongoing communication between parents and staff is essential in supporting children’s development. Even so, there are bound to be times when parents and staff disagree. Disagreement is a natural part of life. What is important is that when disagreements happen, we have processes for listening to one another in order to resolve the disagreement; our goal is to maintain or restore strong collaboration through our communication so that children receive the strongest possible support. It may be more difficult for adults to resolve our differences than it is for children: experience has demonstrated that it is always best for us to address differences directly.  Through the years, we’ve developed steps to support children in facing conflict and learning to resolve it. We’ve adapted these steps to guide us in resolving disagreements between parents and staff or addressing parent concerns that arise.  We are committed to supporting every child and every family. We hope that this document will serve as a guide to keep our community strong.

Step 1: Talk to the Staff Member

We hope that most parents are comfortable speaking directly to the staff member,
 however some parents may choose to go to another staff member with whom they are more comfortable. This staff member’s responsibility is to help the parent bring the concerns to the staff member with whom the parent has the issue, so that both parties can begin resolving the concerns.

If speaking to the staff member does not resolve the concern, or a parent needs additional support approaching the staff member, they can speak to the parent coordinator or the principal.


Step 2: The Parent Can Talk to the Principal and/or the Parent Coordinator

Often a conversation with the principal and/or parent coordinator will resolve the issue. The principal and/or parent coordinator will discuss the issue with the staff member and support the staff member and the parent in resolving the concern.   


Step 3: Meeting with the Parent, Principal and Staff Member

The goal at this step is for the principal to support both the parent and staff member in finding common ground in order to resolve parent concerns. The goal is to achieve open communication to support the student.


Step 4: Parents will receive support from the Parent Coordinator in approaching CSD 1’s District Family Support Coordinator. 

The District Family Support Coordinator is Elvis Marte.  He can be reached at (212) 353-2948.  His office is located at PS 20 Anna Silver at 166 Essex Street.

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