Graduation Committee Responsibilities   — Latest version as of 2017-05-02 10:14:13

Graduation Ceremony:

-Graduation Caps (contact Hreff Jones and order appropriate amount for the graduates. This can be done as early as January to insure that they arrive in time for  graduation)

-Make decorations for Auditorium (this can be done in shifts the week before graduation and the week of graduation in the day or afternoon)

-Decorate the Auditorium the night before the graduation

-Print out Portraits of the the 5th graders to be displayed and distributed at graduation

-Create graduation programs

-Print out graduation programs

-Purchase flowers for the graduation table

-Purchase balloons for the graduation table


-Collect pictures for the slideshow (Each 5th grade student should send in three pictures of themselves {baby, lower grade & current})

-Create the slideshow (put pictures in order, make sure students name corresponds to their picture, and add music to play in the background)

-Run the slideshow during graduation (Test run the equipment the night before graduation and then run it during graduation)

Graduation Party:

-Venue needs to be secured (Should be walking distance from the school,  must be available from 3-5pm)

-Cake for the party

-Music for the party (all songs should be age appropriate)

-Parents to set up for the party

-4th grade parents to chaperone

-Parents to clean up after the party

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