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The Neighborhood School invites all parents and guardians to contribute to the school’s success by serving as an elected PTA leader, committee head, or committee member, by volunteering, and by otherwise participating with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

The 2018 PTA election will be held on May 17th, 2018. We need volunteers for the following positions:

1. President
2. Treasurer
3. Secretary
4. VP of Events & Fundraising
5. Class Parent Engagement Liaison


Any parent of a TNS student can volunteer for candidacy, even at the beginning of the May 17 meeting. However, we encourage you to share your interest with the Nominations Committee in advance, so that we can ensure there are candidates for each position.

The TNS PTA encourages parents/guardians to consider the best way that you can contribute to the school’s success. We would like the combined PTA leadership to reflect the diverse perspectives and backgrounds that we each bring to our school community. The nominations committee is available to discuss any questions you may have about the below-described roles. We also have a fun video about school leadership from last year’s nominations committee!

To nominate yourself or another parent leader, or to ask questions:

You can also contact any current PTA Officer or any TNS teacher or class parent engagement liaison.

The School Leadership Team (SLT) has (2) open seats available for TNS parent representatives. The SLT is a joint faculty-parent committee, an important resource for staff and families’ concerns about issues of importance to the school community. The SLT participates in school policy planning, advises on hiring, creates the Community Education Plan. The SLT prepares resources or reading in advance of its monthly meetings to educate its members. The SLT consists of four parents (three parents plus the PTA president or president’s delegate) and four staff members (2 teachers, the school principal and the UFT chapter leader or leader’s delegate). Parent representatives are chosen at PTA meetings. The term of membership is two years. People may serve more than two years but they must be reelected when their term is up. The school leader, PTA president and UFT chapter leader serve on the SLT as long as they are in their positions. Meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend.

The nominations committee encourages SLT candidates to be engaged with TNS’ approach to education, as articulated in our mission statement. At the same time, no prior involvement is required for this role. If you would like to discuss this position or the school’s educational approach further, a member of the Nominations Committee can be available. Please email Peter Liem, Nominations Committee Chair,


President (or co-Presidents):

Presides over meetings; plays a role with appointing committee leadership and delegating responsibilities; is a member of the School Leadership Team; is a signatory for PTA checks; represents TNS to the region/district Presidents’ Council.

Vice-President of Events and Fundraising (or co Vice-Presidents):

Oversees planning of events and fundraising activities, working with Treasurer, sub-committees and volunteers to ensure success; establish event budgets, set fundraising targets, provide quarterly reports, manage the annual family donation drive, work with grants committee, improves overall TNS PTA capacity to solicit funds, raise revenue, manage receipts and acknowledge donations.

Secretary (or co-Secretaries):

Maintains and shares the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all TNS PTA meetings, with committees recording their own minutes; helps to prepare notices, agendas, sign-in sheets, and materials for distribution; reviews and supports use of the by-laws; reviews, maintains, and responds to correspondence addressed to the TNSPTA.

Treasurer (or co-Treasurers):

Responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the TNSPTA: maintaining an updated record of all income and expenditures; processing but not signing checks; ensuring compliance with TNS PTA financial procedures; preparing financial reports; supporting audit or review by members upon request; filing the annual city, state, and federal taxes of the TNSPTA.

Class Parent Engagement Liaison:

With support from Class Parent Committee, acts as liaison between TNSPTA and class parents: ensures regular communications with class parent network; identifies gaps in parent/family engagement and involvement, and proposes solutions; relays feedback from class parents to PTA officers; confers with school staff and PTA leaders to ensure announcements address current priorities; works with Diversity Committee to ensure that PTA communications are inclusive and accessible; supports personalized outreach to improve parent/family engagement.

Non-elected leadership roles and volunteer opportunities:

The TNSPTA is led by an amazing group of parent leaders -- join us! Below is a list of committees you can join:

Advocacy Committee | After-School Committee | Auction Committee | Class Parent Committee | Communication Committee | Diversity Committee | Eco Committee | Events Committee | Finance Committee | Garden Committee | Graduation Committee | Grants Committee | Health, Safety, and Wellness Committee | School Tours/Welcome Committee | Website Committee | Yearbook Committee

To nominate yourself or another leader, or to ask questions:

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