SCHOOL WELLNESS COUNCIL   — Latest version as of 2017-12-08 12:12:31

The School Wellness Council is an advisory group of parents, students, school staff, and community members who work together with the school to promote a healthy school community. 

School Wellness Councils organize fitness and nutrition events, set school wellness policies, promote inclusivity, and make sure that physical education and health education instruction are prioritized school-wide. 

School Wellness Councils are a great way for parents/guardians and parent associations to participate in implementing City and school wellness policies by either serving on the SWC or volunteering with its programs and subcommittees.

The School Wellness Council and parent and/or corporate volunteers at TNS have worked on the following:

  • Massive clean-up of downstairs storage space, PTA Room and hallway. (Thanks to parent volunteers)
  • Clean-up, paint and organization of the PTA Room (Thanks to Lowes Toolbox for Education)
  • Painted both cafeterias (Thanks to AFHK & GoGo Squeez)
  • Fitness Stencils in the 4th street courtyard (Thanks to AFHK & GoGo Squeez)
  • Climbing Wall in the 4th floor gym (Thanks to AFHK & GoGo Squeez)
  • Scooter/Skateboard rack (Thanks to AFHK & GoGo Squeez)
  • 3rd Street Garden in collaboration with the Garden Committee and S.T.A.R. Academy (Thanks to DOE Office of School Wellness, Annie’s, Grow to Learn, DOE Office of Sustainability) 
  • In-door Recess Games for upper grades (Thanks to AFHK) 
  • DOE Garden to Cafe program and building wide tasting. 


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