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In the wake of Hurricane Maria, it has become apparent that the residents of Puerto Rico are not receiving the support needed to recover.  A group of staff and parents at TNS have formed The Neighborhood School to Puerto Rico with Love to provide support to Eugenio Maria De Hostos Elementary School in San Lorenzo, PR.  We have been partnered with this school through the teachers’ union in PR, Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico, FMPR.  The school has 167 students with 90% living below the poverty level.  The community finally got some electricity restored in late January, but it is unreliable and working only about 80% of the time.  Clean water is also very difficult to obtain.  


  • Consider joining our group!  Email to find out when our next meeting will be and how you can get involved.  We’d love to have you!
  •  Participate in HANDMADE FOR PR
  • Participate in AMAZON WISH LIST FOR PR

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