TNS Wellness Committee (also school wellness council)   — Latest version as of 2018-03-22 10:08:52

The TNS Wellness Committee aka School Wellness council is comprised of parents and staff members dedicated to building and encouraging good health through fitness, nutrition and self awareness to the students and school community by promoting wellness events and switching to the alternative lunch menu. 

Some initiatives have been to get a climbing wall for our gym, fitness stencils for our recess yard, upgrading our PTA room, discussing the #metoo/#timesup movement and how to talk to your kids about it, painting our cafeterias, hosting tastings, purchasing indoor recess games etc. 

TNS participates in the alternative lunch program. Check out the menu and encourage your kid(s) to try new foods, have tastings at home, talk about the nutritional benefits of eating different foods. 

Alternative Lunch Menu

Fun Fruit and Vegetable Flash Cards

Easy Kale Salad Recipe

TNS participates in the Garden to Cafe program. 

TNS has partnered with and has received funding for wellness initiatives from Grow to Learn, Annie’s, Whole Kids Foundation, Lowes Toolbox for Education. Action for Healthy Kids, GoGo Squeez and the DOE Office of School Wellness. 

For questions, comments or to join the wellness committee please email Jenny

Thank you!

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