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After School Information

Interested in more information? Please contact the After School programs directly.

KP For Kids Karate (Updated Spring Schedule)

Kindergarten - 5th Grade      Cost: Fee Based

Site: The Neighborhood School

Dates: M-F       Time: 2:45pm - 5:30pm

KP for Kids is a professional karate after school program staffed with well-trained instructors that demonstrate respectful behavior in an active, physical, fun-loving environment.  We will be offering K-2 grade and 3-5 grade arts classes along with K-5 grade sports classes daily.  It is our philosophy that all children must be treated respectfully in order to emulate that behavior towards others.  Additionally, children should have access to a safe, healthy, encouraging after school activity that will help develop not only their physical abilities but their mental focus and concentration.    

Registration Link:

Sensei Amelia Sheftall, Owner


(917) 334-1507

University Settlement After School Program

Kindergarten to 5th Grade  Cost: Free 

Site: The Neighborhood School

Dates: Monday - Friday    Time: 2:45pm-5pm

University Settlement After-school Program located at PS63/TNS has been given the opportunity to establish this program to provide quality childcare for families in need of childcare between the hours of 2:45pm-5:30pm. Our vision was to develop a program for children and families within schools that would promote a sense of community, while providing much needed resources to our families that would truly be a community of people, working together to provide a loving and unique environment for the care and education of young people- A program that would become an example of what was possible to achieve in creating a quality after-school care and education environment. 

Please apply for the program via this link. If you have not done so already.

Site Director: Jewell Campbell 

Cell: 646-315-5158
Director: Greg Robertson 

Office: 212-598-4533 Cell: 917-577-4899  


Notes in Motion Dance Theatre

Pre-K -1st grade    Cost: Fee based & Scholarships

Site: The Neighborhood School

Dates: Monday - Friday             Time: 2:45pm- 5:30pm

Our students learn dance skills, choreography, improvisation, interdisciplinary study, and arts education. Our teaching artists use the Movement Exchange Method, in which students take on leadership roles in their own learning, have creative input in the design of the curriculum, participate in critical discussions of the work of their peers, and develop collaborative skills. The program fosters self-discovery, risk-taking, and making connections between different topics, themes, and areas of learning. We aim to provide access to the art form of dance to inspire the next generation of dance appreciators.

Registration Link:

2021-22 TNS Registration Form

Morgan Hurst -

Green Apple Kids (GAK) 

Pre-k-Kindergarten  Cost: Fee based & Scholarships available

Site: 600 East 6th Street (Earth School)

Dates: Monday - Friday             Time: 2:45pm-6pm

Green Apple Kids offers child centered science- and art-based programming that enhances your child’s understanding of their personal space, their immediate environment, and the larger world that we all inhabit. We do this through engaging, hands-on activities kids love. This program will encourage youth to become more insightful about who they are, the gravity of their actions, and how they can make positive choices for themselves, their community and the Earth. Each day we will be working on student driven projects in small groups with educators guiding the activities.
You can find the application forms and sign up for the days you need care at 

Liza Mendel

Girls on the Run (GOTR) 

3rd-5th grade          Cost: Fee Based (Sliding Scale)

Site: The Neighborhood School/Tompkins Square Park

Dates: Tuesday & Thursday           Time 3-4:30pm

Girls on the Run is our program for girls in 3rd-5th grade that encourages girls to recognize their individual strengths and celebrate connections with others. Each season, girls gain a better understanding of who they are and what’s important to them, the value of teamwork and healthy relationships and how they can have a positive impact on the world.  Girls also make a meaningful contribution to their community through a team-organized Community Impact Project. Physical activity is woven into the program to inspire an appreciation for fitness and healthy habits and teach life skills including treating others with care, practicing gratitude and managing emotions. Each season culminates with a Girls on the Run 5k event. This celebratory, non-competitive event provides girls with a sense of accomplishment and instills the value of goal setting at a young age.


Your students can register at (Link Coming Soon)

Intelligent Minds Chess

Cost:  Fee based & Scholarships available
Site:  The Neighborhood School
Dates:  Beginner Wednesday, Multi-level Thursday, Multi-Level Friday 
Time: 2:45 P.M. to 5:00 P.M 

The Intelligent Minds Chess Program is run by Adia Onyango, a Nationally Certified FIDE Instructor who has been teaching chess at TNS for over 10 years and ranks among the Top 100 Women in the United States.  Students enrolled in the Intelligent Minds chess program will be immersed in a unique, fun, mind stimulating chess environment, with group instruction, small group activities, and tournament style play. They will learn about chess history, World Chess Champions, and some of the top young chess players throughout the United States. We offer both Beginner and Multi-Level classes.  Students are also encouraged to compete in chess tournaments to practice, improve, track progress, and have fun.  Our program is run in 3 sessions, the Fall (September to December), Winter (January to April), and Spring (April to June).  Registration is now open for the 2021 Fall semester.   

For questions contact Adia Onyango:
(646) 326-8472

Sixth Street Youth Program After School 

1st-5th grade               Cost: Fee Based/Sliding Scale

Site: Sixth Street Community Center,  638 E. 6th Street, New York, NY

Dates: Monday-Friday                Time: 3 PM - 6PM

Sixth Street Youth Program (SSYP) is a dynamic after school program that offers New York City youth (ages 6-11, grades 1-5) quality after school workshops in a community-oriented class setting. With a limited enrollment of up to 30 students per day and an average staff to student ratio of 1:6, each child receives thoughtful guidance and support that is needed to foster their individual and creative growth. 
Our program is committed to developing strong community,  expressive creative skills, mindfulness, and social and environmental awareness and activism among our youth. We boast a unique curriculum that uses the arts as a vehicle for kids to learn about urban sustainability, climate justice and issues that affect our local community. Our mission is to cultivate a warm and inclusive atmosphere that honors each student’s unique strengths.
DATES: September 20 through June 24 . *Not including holidays listed by the NYC DOE*

Denise Soltren, Parent Coordinator

Office: 212-387-0195  

Cell: 917-426-1837                             

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