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Why Give?

Art classes. An extra teaching assistant in K/1. Ballet. Professional development for teachers. Community workshops and events. The garden. Lice checks. All these things and more--over $100,000 in programs and services--are funded at least in part by our school’s PTA. In a perfect world, schools would have all the money they need, but until then, we need your help to make up the difference!

How we can each help varies from family to family, but every bit of that help is equally important. What we need most of all is for you to join our community and do what you can to pitch in.

Ways you can give:

Your Time

We value your time as much as—or maybe even more than—your money. Donate some precious time to our community. If each family gives just five hours per month, we will be able to continue and expand our tradition of rich community events. Spread it out over the year, or throw your time into one big event. You can help with everything from baking for Sing to chaperoning a class trip, from working on a committee, to becoming a class parent, to helping with a school tour, from giving a hand on picture day, to being a core member of the team that makes our wonderful Spring Auction possible. The time you give to TNS is the heartbeat of our community!

Your Direct Donations

We depend on direct donations to the PTA to help fund crucial aspects of the TNS experience, like Art Classes with Studio in a School, Health and Body Education, and teaching assistants. Give once and be done. Or break it up over time. It’s quick and easy, and how you do it is up to you.

The PTA is asking families to consider $55/month--or a one time donation of $650 because that will get us to the finish line. We value whatever contribution you make, no matter the size or kind, whether you are contributing money, time, or energy to rally others to join the cause, it is your participation in the community life of TNS that counts.

If you can afford $55 per month, might you reach even deeper and help others in our community who cannot? Our TNS community treasures the contributions we each make but also recognizes the varied circumstances we each face. We believe in helping each other, and we believe in the greater strength we have when we come together as a community. If you can bump your donation up to $75 or $100 per month, you will be investing in that community. And at the end of the day, even $100 per month seems like a bargain for everything it makes possible in return. The bargain is even deeper if you have multiple children at TNS.

Thank you for all that you give to TNS. We can do this, but only if we do it together.

Your Energy

No matter how you give, what we need most is for you to be an engaged member of our community. Get to know fellow parents. Come to Coffee Hours. Learn about our school and what it needs. Come to SING! Come have fun with us! Speak up about what matters to you about your child’s education. Get involved. Also encourage other parents to get involved: if you can help someone else begin to engage, you can multiply your impact.


You can use your credit card to contribute online through PayPal.

Donate to TNS:


Monthly Donations (pre-set amounts):

Monthly Donation


Monthly Donations (set your own amount):


Make a one-time donation:


Your donation is fully tax deductible; the Neighborhood School PTA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

If you’d like to write a check, please make it payable to “The Neighborhood School PTA.”

Why Contribute?

This is just a taste of what our PTA currently pays for:

  • Studio-in-a-School: $40,000
  • STAR Health Education: $10,000
  • Dance Program: ArtsConnection: $8,500
  • Third Street Music School: $15,000
  • School Support, such as Paraprofessionals and supporting the School administration: $26,000
  • Classroom essentials for teachers: $12,000
  • Community events (our garden, Halloween parade, wellness/school lunch improvement, parent workshops and more): $6,500
  • Student trip subsidies: $5,000
  • Supplementary math and science programming: $8,000
  • Staff Development: $1,000
  • Necessary support for guidance, OT, PT, speech and other services: $1,000
  • Recess supplies: $1,000

...and much more.

The school needs your support in whatever way you are able to give.

Our teachers diligently raise money themselves for everything from hand sanitizer to soundproofing materials for their classrooms. And they pay out of pocket for more than their budget allocates. Any assistance you can offer is much appreciated!

Of course, any time you can spare volunteering for the PTA’s various committees, shelving books in the library, chaperoning field trips, working with our various Committees to always improving our school, is also very much appreciated. We need your time just as much as we need your financial contribution.

Many thanks to ALL of our families for their many contributions to the school!

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