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Every family is different, but every family can contribute. The Neighborhood School needs an engaged parent body: Your voice, your action and your financial support!

Each year our PTA asks that you financially contribute to your child’s education as generously as possible. These funds are required in order to ensure our school is able to sustain school programming and make up for the ever-increasing budget cuts experienced.

Our PTA pays over $100,000 a school year for the programs and activities at The Neighborhood School.

You can use your credit card to contribute online through PayPal.

$10 a month

$25 a month

$30 a month

$40 a month

$50 a month

$75 a month

$100 a month

One-time contribution of any amount. After you click this button, you will be able to specify any amount.

Your donation is fully tax deductible; the Neighborhood School PTA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

If you’d like to write a check, please make it payable to “The Neighborhood School PTA.”

Why Contribute?

This is just a taste of what our PTA currently pays for:

  • Studio-in-a-School: $40,000
  • STAR Health Education: $10,000
  • Dance Program: ArtsConnection: $8,500
  • Third Street Music School: $15,000
  • School Support, such as Paraprofessionals and supporting the School administration: $26,000
  • Classroom essentials for teachers: $12,000
  • Community events (our garden, Halloween parade, wellness/school lunch improvement, parent workshops and more): $6,500
  • Student trip subsidies: $5,000
  • Supplementary math and science programming: $8,000
  • Staff Development: $1,000
  • Necessary support for guidance, OT, PT, speech and other services: $1,000
  • Recess supplies: $1,000

...and much more.

The school needs your support in whatever way you are able to give.

Our teachers diligently raise money themselves for everything from hand sanitizer to soundproofing materials for their classrooms. And they pay out of pocket for more than their budget allocates. Any assistance you can offer is much appreciated!

Of course, any time you can spare volunteering for the PTA’s various committees, shelving books in the library, chaperoning field trips, working with our various Committees to always improving our school, is also very much appreciated. We need your time just as much as we need your financial contribution.

Many thanks to ALL of our families for their many contributions to the school!

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