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Please get involved however you can. Please write a check to the PTA (made out to “The Neighborhood School PTA”).

Please remember your donation is fully tax deductible because the Neighborhood School PTA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all responses are confidential.

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  • Download The Neighborhood School PTA tax exempt certificates: City & State and Federal 501(c)(3)
  • You can also use your credit card to donate online through PayPal below. (If you would like to contribute to our Save the Library fund, please donate here, not below.)

    Contribute any amount. After you click this button, you will be able to specify any amount. This is a one-time donation.

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    Why Donate?

    Here’s just a taste of what our PTA currently pays for:

    • Music Program: Third Street Music School: MILES Program, music classes with Monika — $15,000
    • Art Program: Art classes for all children, Studio in the School with Valerie Hammond — $12,000
    • Science: Pre-K thru 5th Technology — $1,200
    • Class Trips, all grades (subsidies) — $3,500
    • Camp Trips, 3rd to 5th grades — $25,000
    • Classroom Supplies & Teacher Support — $15,000
    • Parent Workshops & Staff Training — $4,000

    Can you pitch in? As you may have read in the New York Times, our teachers diligently raise money themselves for everything from hand sanitizer to soundproofing materials. And they pay out of pocket for more than we know. Any assistance you can offer is much appreciated!

    Of course, any time you can spare volunteering for the PTA’s various committees, shelving books in the library, chaperoning field trips, working with the Wellness committee to improve school food or helping out in the classroom is very much appreciated. Thanks so much!

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