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If you are a parent of TNS student, you should subscribe to this list as it is used for official communication from the school staff and the PTA officers.

If you are already subscribed to the list, you can email everyone on the list by simply emailing to Any email sent to this address will be forwarded to everyone who is subscribed to it. However, this is a moderated list, so your email will be held for review. Please see below for our policy. If you are not on the email list, you can subscribe by going here.

List Policy

Dear School Community:

Every email list needs to balance between quality and quantity. If the quality is low and quantity high, many people will develop a habit of ignoring every email from the list, or even worse, unsubscribe. This would minimize the value of the list. On the other hand, if we are too restrictive, important information might be missed.

In an effort to balance this and in response to questions and complaints about the type, length and number of emails sent through our list serve, The Neighborhood School PTA has developed the below policy.

Accepted on the list:

  • Announcements from PTA committees, SLT, Title 1, Presidents or CEC
  • Announcements from school/staff
  • Announcements from district, DOE, SED, or USED
  • TNS partner information
  • TNS web updates
  • Advocacy information and notices by the members of Advocacy Committee

May be worthy but not accepted on the list:

  • Announcements regarding political, organizing or advocacy activity whether related to education issues or not. (Please contact the members of Advocacy Committee if you have urgent issues that you would like to share with everyone.)
  • Enrichment programs or activities that are not sponsored directly by the school
  • News articles
  • Lost & found
  • Pets for adoption
  • Babysitting services
  • For sale items
  • Business/organization promotion (even if you work there)
  • Multiple emails of the same announcement

Other ways you might consider communicating your news

  • Main entry bulletin Board
  • PTA bulletin board
  • PTA table
  • Your class email list
  • PTA Discussion List (See above)

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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