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Website: The TNS website is managed by TNS parent volunteers. A calendar of school activities is available on the website and is useful for viewing PTA meeting sched- ules, school closings, and special events. The calendar can be found here: - and can also be incorporated into your personal calendar. Please note that TNS has several half days which are unique to the school, and are used for teacher develop- ment.

Listserv: If you are a parent of TNS student, you should subscribe to the TNS Listserv - this list is used for of- ficial communication from the school staff and the PTA officers. Once subscribed, you can email everyone on the list by simply emailing to tns-list@lists.theneighbor- Any email sent to this address will be forwarded to everyone who is subscribed. It is important to be aware that this is a moderated list, so your email will be held for review. In an effort to balance quality and quantity of emails received, this list is reserved for TNS related announcements such as those from PTA commit- tees, school staff, DOE, web updates – for a complete review of the listserv policy see: able_texts/view/docListserv

Backpack Mail: The school will periodically send home notices with your child. Every day, please be sure to ask your child if she/he has brought home a notice from school or check his or her backpack. School information can also be found on the listserv and on the website. 

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