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Halloween - Monday, October 31, 2011

  • $200 budget ( to be spent on decorations, or instruments etc)
  • In August get permit for marching - Jamie Hernandez - 9th precinct on 5th Street 212 477 7811.
  • Working parents request that the parade begin at 5:30 or later
  • Put in a request with Carmen in office to have custodian stay late on day of parade
  • Request 6-8 volunteers to serve as Marshals. Marshals keep the parade goers in line and from straying from the route
  • Arrange a band to lead the parade and play in yard (David Grollman and Bear Schmidt)
  • No activities this year because it after-school on a Monday, instead we will use the budget to buy noisemakers to give to the kids for the parade. Other years we have done Halloween related activities.
  • We will march out the 4th Street side of the recess yard west to first avenue, over to St. Marks, east to Avenue A, and back to 4th Street entrance to recess yard.
  • Mark Reinertson photographer
  • This year Masha Schmidt led a musical instrument crafting activity on 10/28/11 in preparation for parade.

School Photos - October 25-26, 2011

  • Come up with a date - coordinate with photographers and Milo
  • Put in a request from Carmen in office to use Auditorium (make sure PS63 is not using it on picture days)
  • Mark Reinertson photographer
  • Bill Massey photographer
  • Harriet Spear (Mark’s wife) - created the order form used for the past several years, needs to be updated each year.
  • Form put into backpack mail, and email announcement
  • Hang fliers around the school announcing the event.
  • Talk to teachers about hardship cases - parents who cannot afford photos will be paid by PTA
  • Secure parent volunteers to assist on photo days - in 2011 Melissa Rodriguez and Fatima Baba oversaw the parent volunteers on photo days. Need 5 volunteers each day
  • Melissa made excel sheet of students in each class - adds every single child (gets names from Milo) to the spreadsheet and then notes what package each child got. See this file »
  • Schedule photo make-up day with photographers
  • Secure parent volunteers to assist on make up day
  • This year we had online proofing set up with the photographers and Dyske Suematsu - parents email their choice of photo to
  • Photographer provides boxes of photos divided by class. A parent volunteer in lobby distributes photos.
  • Class photos get put in the teacher’s mailboxes

Holiday Fair Warmup

  • The silent auction committee independently arranged to have a warm up for the silent auction.
  • Ciao for now Hosted
  • Parents donated wine (which was sold)
  • Valerie made prints with the children which were framed by parents and auctioned along with other select items.

Holiday Fair

December 11, 2011 11-5:00

Download the floor plan here »

Basic Rules

  • 100% of all sales go to TNS
  • All tables need to be approved by PTA Events
  • Only PTA execs handling $ at the door
    • Every hour hours count down money and sign off on it
  • No Rummage (bed bugs)
  • $1500 budget

In Preparation

  • Make flier and distribute - backpack, listserv and hang at school
  • Permit for the security guard on Sunday.
  • permit for cafeteria
  • Activity Prep
    • Committee for Maze - Harvey Epstein and Dads
    • Cardboard for Maze - refrigerator boxes need to get brought into TNS basement 4 weeks before Fair - PUT ON LISTSERV
    • Outreach to parents around what activities they will
    • Sign up sheets - with email & phone numbers
  • Money
    • A week before go to bank and pick up 10 deposit bags and deposit slips.
    • Get tickets - 1 full roll of tickets $1000
    • find metal cash-box in closet - for money at door
    • Prepare to take credit card donations at door - with prize?
  • Decoration
    • This year Donna Nield in Sascha Dunn organized and decorations.
    • Check on signs for various booths (there are many signs in PTA room, make sure there is one for each booth)
    • Markers & poster-board
    • Permission from teachers to borrow tables
  • Food Prep
    • Amy Micelli organized all the food this year, but someone else should take on this job next year.
    • Call Solo Pizza for donation of Pizza (Fatima did)
    • Paper plates, cups, cutlery (100 of everything to start)
    • Case of water and Juice
    • Permit for the kitchen - Jacque (cook) works that day in her office so we can use kitchen.
    • Ask Maureen Cooke if she will organize people to serve in the kitchen
      Maureen may need “base food”
    • Cafeteria Food - parents donate food, solicit donations from restaurants (LISTSERV).
    • Cafe - Ciao for Now
  • Outreach

Jobs Involved

  • Volunteers - Masha coordinated all volunteers this year. She created sign up sheets, posted in lobby and facilitated communication with all volunteers.
    • Set up Saturday, December 10th - 10:00 to 5:00
      • Cardboard Maze - Committee Needed - bring duct tape and a knife
      • Table set up - tables need to be brought down from classroom (Laurie, Alexis, Debbie, Dara - get permission), tables out of PTA storage, tables out of PTA room.
      • Tables covered with paper which is in the PTA room
      • Assign and hang signs for various table activities.
      • Decorate
      • Remind Willy to close off all stairwells and ask him to stock bathrooms with TP & PT
    • Day Of - 2 hour shifts
      • PTA execs collect money at door
      • Tshirts sold at Door - Jann and Valerie make shirts. Parent needs to oversee production (usually Amy Richards and Ondine).
      • FOOD
        • Cafeteria Food & Bake Sale
        • Popcorn - Helen and Jeanne
        • Rice Balls (Japanese moms)
        • Cafe Area - Ciao For Now,
        • make your own cupcake (Anita)
      • Activities
        • Spin art - Bill & Julia (near sink)
        • Printmaking (Melissa)
        • Clay guy (Debra Granik gets)
        • Tatoos - Joanna
        • T shirts and cookbooks for sale
        • Woodworking - Yael & Eric
        • Games by maze (+andy game)
        • Tile making - David
        • Photo booth - David Waitz ($175 budget)
        • Ayesha - henna
        • Facepainting - Carol (lyric’s mom??)
        • Beading
        • Nailpolish (Amy M. got organic nailpolish donated, Donna will facilitate table)
        • Rubin Museum (Roxanne arranged)
        • Button Making
        • Twister (Elisha and Vivian)
        • tote bags
    • Clean up after fair December 11th
      • Clean up crew - 15 people at least
    • Silent Auction has independent team (Amy Richards, Dyske) from fair part of event.

Magic Show

This year the magic show was late, towards the end of March

  • Coordinate date with Magician, Adam Cardone
  • Coordinate date with PTA & Milo
  • Get permit for auditorium from TNS office
  • Get posters from Cardone to be posted, emailed and sent home in backpack mail.
  • Food: this year Val got burritos donated from Chipotle, and Harvey got pizzas donated from two boots. Ciao for Now brought lemonade.
  • Ask parents to bring baked goods for sale following event
  • Admission includes dinner and a show we charged $10 for adults; $5 for kids.
  • Cardone gets 30% of door and gives us a percentage of his sale in merchandise.
  • NEXT year: It is recommended that sale of food and tickets are separate as it provides a clear-cut way to figure out the magicians share.
  • Get key for the light-audio from custodian, and a parent must learn how to work the system (easy)
  • Volunteers to serve food and sell baked goods
  • Volunteers for clean-up

Comedy Night

Carla - May 2012

  • Carla Johnston oversees this event entirely (schedules comics, sells tickets)
  • PTA needs to coordinate an date with Carla

Multicultural Day


  • This is event is independent of Events
  • Joana and Denise will recruit volunteers, culture tables, and entertainment.

Emergency Fundraising for Library and Art

  • This was beyond usual PTA events and was not under official umbrella of events, but included
    • online donations
    • coin drive
    • raffle
    • lemonade, plants, jewelry sales
    • McNally Jackson Bookstore event with Gloria Steinem
    • Acupuncture event
    • Beauty and Essex event


We also had TNS 20th Anniversary celebration this year, which was also not part of the official umbrella of events (and we don’t have another big anniversary coming up soon). The format was successful. A June party in the back recess yard with DJ (parent, Wolfgang) and dancing. Food was donated by parents. Admission was charged.

Read a Thon & Box tops

Both of these events have been produced by Julia Massey independently of Events.

Original Works

(mugs, etc with children’s art on it)

This should only be done if we have a volunteer who really wants to do it. It is a lot of work, and it doesn’t bring in much money.

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