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Managing School Directory

Please note that you must be a teacher/staff to be able to edit the school directory.

First, login to the site:

Once you are logged in, a new menu item labeled “DIRECTORY” should appear on the main navigation bar. This is a pull-down menu with the following items:

  • School Directory
  • Add Student
  • Add Teacher/Staff
  • Add Parent/Guardian
  • There are two processes involved in managing the directory: 1. Adding people and 2. connecting people. For instance, a parent is connected to students, a teacher is also connected to students, and students are connected to both parents and teachers. These connections enable us to see all the students when you select a teacher to view, and to see who the parents are when you select a student to view. For this reason, it is important that we do not enter any duplicates. If we enter the same student twice, it would be difficult to fix/undo/redo all the connections established for him/her.

    Because each student has connections to both teachers and parents, it is better to add new students after you have already entered all the new parents and teachers.

    Adding new student, teacher, or parent should be straight-forward. Simply select a type from the pull-down menu and fill out the form.

    The tricky part is creating the connections. Here’s how you assign students to a teacher.

    Select “School Directory” from the pull-down menu.

    From the first column, select the teacher you want to assign students to.

    On the right column, there is a section labeled “Add Students”. Start typing the name of the student you want to add; the system should automatically pull all the students matching the letters you typed. Select the correct one with your mouse, and click on the “ADD” button. If the student you want does not come up, it means either you did not spell his/her name correctly or the student has not been added to the directory yet.

    Repeat the same process for connecting students to parents. You can only connect parents from students (not the other way around). Go to the main page of the school directory and select the student to connect parents to. Again, on the right column, you see a section labeled “Add Parents/Guardians”. Start typing the name of the parent, and it should automatically pull up all the parents matching the letters you typed. Select the correct one and add.

    Here are some things to keep in mind

    • The directory will keep records of the past teacher-to-students associations so that we can go back in time and check who taught which students.
    • You can add students for the next school year. The future association of students-to-teachers can only be viewed by the teachers/staff. Parents can only view the current year students.
    • Only teachers and staff members can connect students to a teacher, and parents to a student.
    • Parents can edit their own information as well as that of their own children.

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