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M063-46481_120513_doc.pdf 141 KB M063-46481_120513_doc.pdf Dec-5-13, 4:42am
M063-46481_120413.pdf 140 KB M063-46481_120413.pdf Dec-4-13, 7:32pm
Weekly_Asbestos_Contractor_Schedule-_P_S_-63__Weekending_12-08-13.pdf 179 KB Weekly_Asbestos_Contractor_Schedule-_P_S_-63__Weekending_12-08-13.pdf Dec-3-13, 8:43pm
M063-46481_120313.pdf 140 KB M063-46481_120313.pdf Dec-3-13, 8:42pm
M063-46481_112113.pdf 140 KB M063-46481_112113.pdf Nov-21-13, 5:12am
M063-46481_112013.pdf 140 KB M063-46481_112013.pdf Nov-20-13, 4:08am
TNS_TSAConstructionFAQ 416 KB TNSTSAConstructionFAQ111713.pdf Nov-18-13, 4:00am
Nov 11-22 2013 Look Ahead 179 KB LOOK_AHEAD_11-11-13_TO_11-22-13.pdf Nov-13-13, 8:30pm
Back to Nature VIII MSDS 89 KB BTN_VIII_MSDS.pdf Nov-13-13, 7:56pm
Silent Auction Donation Form — Fall 2013 361 KB 2013Silent_Auction_Donation_Form.pdf Nov-8-13, 11:18am
Silent Auction Solicitation Letter — Fall 2013 356 KB 2013_Solicitation_Letter_friends___neighbors.pdf Nov-8-13, 11:18am
tns_ow.jpg 1.13 MB tns_ow.jpg Nov-5-13, 2:52pm
2013 Halloween Parade! 1.02 MB tns-2013-halloween.jpg Oct-19-13, 5:47am
letter-to-doe-and-sca.pdf 204 KB letter-to-doe-and-sca.pdf Oct-11-13, 5:00pm
final-letter-construction-update.pdf 294 KB final-letter-construction-update.pdf Oct-11-13, 5:00pm
Parent Handbook 2013 1.30 MB parenthandbook.pdf Oct-5-13, 3:13pm
Sample Sale May 2013 Flier 6.92 MB TNS_Sample_Sale_5_5_FlyerFINAL.pdf Apr-29-13, 10:33am
Third Street Music Donation for Silent Auction 2013 77 KB Third_Street_Tap.pdf Mar-12-13, 4:59am
Silent Auction Donation Form Spring 2013 372 KB 2013_Silent_Auction_Donation_Form.pdf Feb-19-13, 12:50pm
Silent Auction Solicitation Letter Spring 2013 348 KB 2013_Solicitation_Letter_friends_neighbors.pdf Feb-19-13, 12:50pm
Community Day Poster 2013 26 KB CommunityDayPoster2103_a.pdf Jan-18-13, 6:14am
Photo Studio Flier 2012 199 KB photo-studio.pdf Dec-2-12, 9:15am
Online Auction Poster 2012 85 KB online-auction-poster.pdf Dec-1-12, 5:16am
Online Auction Handouts 2012 101 KB online-auction-card.pdf Dec-1-12, 5:16am
Holiday Fair 2012 Flier 234 KB poster-2012b.pdf Nov-20-12, 2:45pm
SHOP = SAVE ART Sample Sale Flier 2.30 MB TNSSampleSale11_18FlyerV5.pdf Nov-13-12, 10:02am
Picture Days 2012 Form 1.31 MB photo_form.pdf Oct-22-12, 9:28am
Silent Auction Donation Form 2012 359 KB 2012Silent_Auction_Donation_Form.pdf Oct-19-12, 11:12am
Silent Auction Solicitation Letter 2012 334 KB 2012_Solicitation_Letter_friends_neighbors.pdf Oct-19-12, 11:12am
TNSEVENTS_20112012.doc 51 KB TNSEVENTS_20112012.doc Aug-27-12, 8:33am
Holiday Fair Floorplan 2011 783 KB TNS_Floorplan_HF2011.pdf Aug-27-12, 8:33am
school_photos2011.xlsx 30 KB school_photos2011.xlsx Aug-27-12, 8:33am
Save the Library Backpack Mail 113 KB savethelibrary-backpack.pdf Jun-21-12, 5:48pm
We Saved the Library Party Flier 576 KB partyflier.pdf Jun-21-12, 5:48pm
The Bean Day 2012 Flier 141 KB beanday.pdf Jun-21-12, 5:46pm
20th Anniversary Dandelion Stickers for Avery 8164 1.20 MB dandelion-stickers-8164.pdf Jun-21-12, 5:45pm
20th Anniversary Dandelion Poster 1.25 MB dandelionnyc.pdf Jun-21-12, 5:44pm
Beauty & Essex Fundraiser Invite 180 KB be-party.pdf Jun-21-12, 5:43pm
Outside Mural Artwork (JPEG format) 894 KB mural-artwork.jpg May-3-12, 7:33am
Outside Mural Artwork (TIFF format) 2.74 MB mural-artwork.tiff May-3-12, 7:32am
Coin Drive for Save the Library: Flier 888 KB coindrive2012b.pdf Apr-16-12, 7:21pm
Save the Date — 20th Year Celebration 652 KB TNS_Save_the_Date_20Yrs.pdf Mar-30-12, 9:34am
Scanned copy of the original PTA By-laws from May 16, 2007 2.98 MB pta-by-laws.pdf Mar-11-12, 6:37pm
PTA By-laws (re-typed) 46 KB PTAbylaws.doc Mar-11-12, 4:38pm
Silent Auction Introduction Flier 973 KB intro-flier.pdf Dec-10-11, 7:10pm
BUY NOW stickers for Silent Auction (Avery 5293) 70 KB buynow.pdf Dec-10-11, 4:20pm
Silent Auction Gift Certificate Blank Sheet 168 KB silent-auction-gift-certificate.pdf Nov-28-11, 5:47pm
PTA Invoice Template (Word) 410 KB TNS_Invoice.doc Nov-28-11, 10:23am
Holiday Fair Flier for 2011 756 KB holiday-fair-2011-flier.pdf Nov-9-11, 11:05am
Picture Day Order Form 82 KB picture-day-form-2011.pdf Oct-24-11, 6:10am
Silent Auction Catalog Advertising Specs 100 KB TNSAuctionAdSpecs.pdf Oct-19-11, 11:52am
Silent Auction Backpack Letter 2011 52 KB 2011_Silent_Auction_Backpack_Letter.pdf Oct-15-11, 6:35pm
Silent Auction Donation Form 2011 364 KB 2011Silent_Auction_Donation_Form.pdf Oct-15-11, 6:35pm
Silent Auction Solicitation Letter 2011 334 KB 2011_Solicitation_Letter_friends___neighbors.pdf Oct-15-11, 6:35pm
HELP JAPAN! Flier 72 KB help-japan.pdf Mar-16-11, 6:25pm
Solicitation flier for advertising in silent auction catalog 499 KB silent-auction-advertise.pdf Jan-29-11, 12:32pm
Communication-Survey-January-2011.pdf 115 KB Communication-Survey-January-2011.pdf Jan-26-11, 7:09am
holiday-fair2010-press-release.doc 40 KB holiday-fair2010-press-release.doc Jan-23-11, 12:12pm
Blank Bid Sheet 29 KB bid-sheet-blank.pdf Dec-4-10, 7:37am
TNS_Retail_list.xlsx 17 KB TNS_Retail_list.xlsx Dec-1-10, 1:09am
TNS_flyer.docx 487 KB TNS_flyer.docx Dec-1-10, 1:09am
TNS_Order_Form.docx 373 KB TNS_Order_Form.docx Dec-1-10, 1:09am
Silent Auction Solicitation Flyer 534 KB silent-auction-dropoff-flyer.pdf Oct-11-10, 5:23pm
TNSPTATaxExemptForm.pdf 64 KB TNSPTATaxExemptForm.pdf Oct-8-10, 10:40am
TNS501c3LetterFINAL.pdf 260 KB TNS501c3LetterFINAL.pdf Oct-8-10, 10:39am
Letterhead in Adobe Illustrator format 1.03 MB Oct-5-10, 6:08am
Silent Auction 2010 (all forms in PDF) 400 KB silent-auction-2010.pdf Oct-5-10, 6:05am
Silent Auction 2009 (all forms in PDF) 127 KB silent-auction-2009.pdf Jun-21-10, 8:00am
TNS Newsletter November 2009 227 KB TNSnewsletter_Nov2009.pdf Jun-21-10, 7:54am
Read-a-thon_Pledge_Sheet.pdf 523 KB Read-a-thon_Pledge_Sheet.pdf Jun-20-10, 7:51pm
Readathon_log.pdf 43 KB Readathon_log.pdf Jun-20-10, 7:51pm
Go Green Logo Contest Winner 2 366 KB winner2.tif Jun-19-10, 8:37pm
Go Green Logo Contest Winner 1 755 KB winner1.tif Jun-19-10, 8:37pm
Go Green Final Logo (PDF format) 309 KB tns-gogreen.pdf Jun-19-10, 8:37pm
Go Green Final Logo (Adobe Illustrator Format) 1.09 MB Jun-19-10, 8:37pm
TNS Logo (TIFF format) 361 KB tns_logo.tif Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (PNG format) 107 KB tns_logo.png Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (PDF format) 86 KB tns_logo.pdf Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (JPEG format) 588 KB tns_logo.jpg Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (EPS format) 295 KB tns_logo.eps Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (Adobe Illustrator format) 83 KB Jun-19-10, 8:30pm
Sign that says “Riceball” for the table 1.06 MB Jun-19-10, 8:22pm
Holiday Fair Flyer 2009 274 KB Holiday_Fair_flyer_2.pdf Jun-19-10, 8:21pm
Silent Auction Solicitation Letter 2009 296 KB Solicitiation_Letter_2009.doc Jun-19-10, 8:15pm
Silent Auction Donation Letter 2009 298 KB Holiday_Fair_Donation_Letter_2009.doc Jun-19-10, 8:15pm
Silent Auction Gift Certificate 2009 294 KB GIFT_CERTIFICATE_silent_auction_2009.doc Jun-19-10, 8:14pm
Silent Auction Backpack Letter 2009 29 KB Backpack_Letter_2009.doc Jun-19-10, 8:14pm
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