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nominationballots2.pdf 56 KB nominationballots2.pdf May-2-16, 9:38pm
tns_ow.jpg 1.13 MB tns_ow.jpg Nov-5-13, 2:52pm
Parent Handbook 2013 1.30 MB parenthandbook.pdf Oct-5-13, 3:13pm
Picture Days 2012 Form 1.31 MB photo_form.pdf Oct-22-12, 9:28am
Outside Mural Artwork (JPEG format) 894 KB mural-artwork.jpg May-3-12, 7:33am
Outside Mural Artwork (TIFF format) 2.74 MB mural-artwork.tiff May-3-12, 7:32am
Scanned copy of the original PTA By-laws from May 16, 2007 2.98 MB pta-by-laws.pdf Mar-11-12, 6:37pm
PTA By-laws (re-typed) 46 KB PTAbylaws.doc Mar-11-12, 4:38pm
PTA Invoice Template (Word) 410 KB TNS_Invoice.doc Nov-28-11, 10:23am
Communication-Survey-January-2011.pdf 115 KB Communication-Survey-January-2011.pdf Jan-26-11, 7:09am
TNS_Retail_list.xlsx 17 KB TNS_Retail_list.xlsx Dec-1-10, 1:09am
TNS_flyer.docx 487 KB TNS_flyer.docx Dec-1-10, 1:09am
TNS_Order_Form.docx 373 KB TNS_Order_Form.docx Dec-1-10, 1:09am
Letterhead in Adobe Illustrator format 1.03 MB Oct-5-10, 6:08am
TNS Logo (TIFF format) 361 KB tns_logo.tif Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (PNG format) 107 KB tns_logo.png Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (PDF format) 86 KB tns_logo.pdf Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (JPEG format) 588 KB tns_logo.jpg Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (EPS format) 295 KB tns_logo.eps Jun-19-10, 8:31pm
TNS Logo (Adobe Illustrator format) 83 KB Jun-19-10, 8:30pm
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