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Dyanthe’s Weekly Letters

Week of February 5, 2018

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

I am thrilled to share that we are opening a second Pre-K section next year and will be able to offer more children and families these much coveted spots at our school!  If you know of prospective families interested in coming to TNS, spread the word!

Every three years, NYC public schools partake in an evaluative process called the Quality Review.  A Department of Education (DOE) evaluator conducts a two-day school visit; they talk with parents, students, teachers and school leaders, visit classrooms, and use the Quality Review Rubric to evaluate how well the school is organized to support student learning and teacher practice.  After the school visit, the school receives a Quality Review Report that is published on its NYCDOE webpage.  Our quality review will be February 14 - 15.  I am looking forward to sharing the inspiring and exciting work happening at TNS!

Children learn by making sense of their world and their experiences.  Dramatizations and simulations are one way for children to recreate the themes and concepts they are studying.  A wonderful example of this is happening in our school over the next couple of weeks:  the first and second grade classes are engaging in a study of the post office and have created a postal service for our school.  Anyone can mail a letter to any student or staff member in the school.  You will see mailboxes posted around the school (in each of the 1st/2nd grade classrooms, in the lobby, outside the office and in the 4th/5th grade hallways).  Each day, children from each 1st/2nd grade class will be responsible for collecting mail from the mailboxes, canceling the stamps, sorting the mail by floor and then by room, and then delivering the mail.  You can use the Neighborhood School Postal Service, too!  All you need is a stamp (you can choose free stamps designed by our first and second grade postal workers or fund raising stamps which cost 25¢) which you can get in any of the 1st/2nd grade classrooms, address your letter with the room number of the person to whom you’re writing and then drop your letter into any school mailbox.  Think how exciting it will be for your child to receive mail from you when the daily mail is delivered to the classroom!

A new semester starts today.  Children in Pre-K/K, ½ or ⅘ who have been taking Spanish, will start science with Emily (Room 317).  Those who have had science, will begin Spanish with Catlin (Room 304).  Third graders do not make a switch; they have Spanish and science all year.  

Mark Your Calendars:

  • The Wellness Committee meets Tuesday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.  

  • Narrative Reports go home Tuesday.  Teachers prefer handing reports to an adult for privacy and safekeeping.  If you cannot pick up the report personally, it will be backpacked.

  • There is a PTA Exec meeting Wednesday at 8:40AM in the PTA Room.  All are welcome.

  • Please join me on Thursday at 8:40AM in the PTA Room for my morning hour.  

  • The Grants Committee meets Friday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.

  • Judy, Wanda, Dara, Shaniqua & Lindsey, Sofia & Joanne and Alexis & Corinthia’s classes go ice skating Friday.  



News & Announcements

Town Hall with the School Chancellor Thurs. Feb. 15

Town Hall flyer

News & Announcements




Dyanthe’s Weekly Letters

Week of January 29, 2018

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

According to The NY Times, This Flu Season Is the Worst in Nearly a Decade (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/26/health/flu-rates-deaths.html).  I can only speak to our school community’s experience:  we have had an unusual number of sick children and staff this winter.  To help keep our community as healthy as possible, never send your child to school with fever.  Please also remember that in order to return to school, your child must be must be fever-free for 24 hours (“fever-free means” without the help of Tylenol, Motrin, etc.).  Thank you!

We believe that children learn best through first-hand experiences with people, materials and places; that is why trips are such an important part of our school’s curriculum.  Some trips, like ice skating may not be so much about content learning, but about giving children opportunities to have different kinds of life experiences.  Many of our children learn to ice skate by going on these trips twice each year.   This Friday, Erin, Dianne & Shaquawn,  Jane, Olivia & Chelsea,  Catlin & Caroline and Grace’s classes go ice skating.  Remember to check-out our skate swap in the PTA room (left-hand side).  You can drop off a pair of skates your child has outgrown and/or pick up a pair that fits.  Open to all!

Mark your Calendar:

  • Auction Committee meets Monday at 8:40AM in the PTA Room.  

  • The ECO Committee meets Tuesday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.  

  • SING is Wednesday at 8:45AM in the auditorium.    Please also join us for the bake sale in the lobby beforehand (also, this is a call for donated baked goods).

  • SLT meets Thursday at 8AM in Room 301.  Agenda:

1. Review 2017-18 School Budget.

2. Talk about advocacy in terms of tests. What are the consequences of having high opt out numbers, does it allow more flexibility?

3.  In preparation for our Quality Review on February 14 - 15, we will work on the School Self Assessment Form.

4. Follow up on parent responses, esp. related to IEPs.

5. Recess, as it relates to new grade/class configurations for next year, as well as preserving cross grade friendships.

6. SLT members survey items and how we can add them (if necessary) to the bylaws.

  • The Diversity Committee is hosting a potluck on Thursday from 6 - 7:30PM in Mara’s Room.  Childcare and pizza provided.

  • The Advocacy Committee will meet Friday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.



News & Announcements

Para todos los padres: cena en grupo y discusión - Jueves Feb 1!

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