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Important Organizing Meeting!!



Please join us!  There are lots of ways to help us mobilize our school community to support our adopted school in Puerto Rico!

All our welcome!!

If you would like to join, but can’t make this meeting, please email Dianne at tns2pr@gmail.com

News & Announcements

Thank you Holiday Fair 2017

Dear TNS Families,

Thank you so much for donating and volunteering your time and your thoughtfulness with our school’s yearly Holiday Fair.  With your help we raised $10,000.00 this year.

When you hear “please come volunteer” look at it as being a part of your child’s education.  
You are doing something no matter how big or small in your child’s school to give.  
And when you do volunteer, talk about it at home, let them know it is work and work gives them things.  Many children know you leave to go to work - but a couple of hours seeing you invest your adult time gives them an understanding that you are accomplishing something and that is money in the bank.

When you hear the word “volunteer” it is not the end- it is an opening to new experiences and ‘working’ with wonderful people and you will be surprised what great families/friends you will make.

Thank you all for everything you do!

Happy New Year to 2018!

Best wishes,
~Lorraine Hutra
TNS PTA Events

News & Announcements

PTA Agenda for 12/21

Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 8:35am

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions 8:35-8:45

  1. Approval of Minutes, Additions to Agenda 8:45-8:50

  1. Dyanthe Speaks 8:45-8:50

  1. Report from Presidents 8:50-8:55

  1. Treasurer’s Report presented by Co-Presidents 8:55-9:00

  1. Action Items 9:00-9:10

  1. Konstella Vote - presented by Aya

  2. Develop & Announce Day of Gratitude January 26th (art workshop to make thank you cards) - presented by Elinor

    7. Committees Reports 9:10-9:25

  1. Events

    1. Holiday Fair Recap

    2. Discussion of new procedures

  2. Wellness

    1. Class Parents/Parent Liaisons

    2. Garden

    3. Eco

  1. Old Business/New Business & Agenda for Next Meeting  9:25-9:30

  1. Meeting adjourned 9:30

News & Announcements

Pictures Delivered

Hello TNS Families, I’ve received the second box of pictures- I am keeping them next to Gladys’s desk incase you don’t catch me - she can check your package out. Please contact me with any questions - if your order didn’t come in this shipment - then it was sent directly to your home. -- Best Wishes... ~Lorraine Hutra PTA TNS Events Lhutra@gmail.com

News & Announcements

Week of December 18, 2017

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

We work hard to provide a safe and successful learning environment at TNS, and that begins the minute children enter school.  In the morning, students and families may use any “up” stairwell to go their classroom, however unaccompanied children must stay in the small cafeteria until 8:23 AM and “Teddy’s Space” is always closed before school.  

Students will participate in the Garden to Cafe tasting Tuesday!  During lunchtime, they will have the opportunity to try roasted acorn squash with mint, red cabbage coleslaw with shallots and apples, fresh crispin, Jonagold apples and Comice pears.  Yum!

Mark Your Calendar:

  • The Diversity Committee meets Tuesday at drop-off in the small cafeteria.

  • Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will have their dance shares Tuesday in the auditorium:

8:25 Joanne and Sofia

9:10 Catlin and Caroline

9:55 Grace

10:40 Alexis and Corinthia

11:35 Hannah

  • SING is Wednesday at 8:45AM in the auditorium.  Please also join us for the bake sale in the lobby beforehand (also, this is a call for donated baked goods).

  • Our PTA meeting is Thursday at 8:35AM in the PTA Room.

I hope that you have a wonderful and well-deserved break with plenty of opportunities to laugh, play and relax with family and friends.  We will see you Tuesday, January 2, 2018!