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Holiday Fair call

Hello TNS families,

In one month we have our annual Holiday Fair at The Neighborhood School which will be held on Sunday December 10th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We need a lot of volunteers to help out with this widely known holiday school event that raises money for our children’s extra classes, wonderful additional teachers, and many needed fundings that keep the wheels rolling.

This Wednesday, November 15th will be the first Committee meeting - right after drop off.

Please meet me in the PTA room...
If you can not make it - please email me or call me in the hallways and let me know you are available to help.

*There will be discussion of the tables, food, decorations and any other ideas and suggestions that can help the Holiday Fair be amazing!

**There is a Box Maze Committee that started in October - they need anyone who is near school at any given time to go by the appliance stores and bring refrigerator, dishwasher,  washer / dryer boxes any really BIG boxes to the school daily... for the biggest fun draw our children enjoy -- set up on December 9th. if you can help (drop the boxes off in the PTA room at ANYTIME).

***Remember the only way things can get done is by group effort and we as parents have to stick together and have teamwork in high gear to accomplish The Impossible!

Best wishes as always,
~Lorraine Hutra
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News & Announcements

Book Fair -- Call for Volunteers

Book Fair - call for volunteers

The TNS Book Fair is the place to go for quality books that bring children into the wonderful literary culture of their community and city. Independent booksellers McNally Jackson bring us a curated, intelligent selection of books, chosen with input from teachers and organizing committees.

Book Fair hours:

  • December 7, 8, and 11th at pick up and drop off in the lobby
  • December 10th during the Holiday Fair, 10am-5pm

>> We need volunteers to help set up, sell, and break down on each day. Contact Nanine for more info or sign up for a time slot here:

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Last Call Original Works

Hello TNS Families, Thank you all for participating in the Original Works TNS fundraiser! There are 5 orders that I haven’t received payment for ~ this being so ~~ YOU will still have a chance to get your orders in by Wednesday Morning DROP OFF... Please bring them to the main office room 305 ( and all payments are due). Best Wishes! ~Lorraine

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Wanna Knit a Hat?

Hello TNS,

We’re going to try doing different knitting workshops at Family Time so parents and students can learn how to make specific things and use the time at other Family Time slots to work on them. Hat knitting is very easy and a very practical skill. Let me know if you have any questions.
Knit a Hat

News & Announcements

Original Works Due 11/3

Hello TNS Families,

Original Works is DUE this Friday, November 3rd.

This is an amazing fundraiser and a forever memento of your child’s memorable art work.

A great gift to give family and friends!

Original Works has a big array of merchandise you can order with your child’s work on it and have wonderful gifts to give out in December.  Just order and feel peace the holiday shopping is over before December even begins.

All orders can be completed and paid with by check or money order to:
The Neighborhood School PTA

A box will be in the MAIN OFFICE room 305

Extra packets are in the lobby next to the sign in boxes!

Thank you!
Best Wishes ~ Lorraine Hutra PTA Events