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Health & Safety

Notes From 10.11.16 SCA Meeting

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

Here is an update about construction:

School interior:

There is ongoing work on the 4th floor to replace the flooring which was damaged by water infiltration over the summer. Flooring work in three rooms remains. There are a few additional waterproofing issues that TNS is working on settling with SCA and the contractor.

Exterior Masonry Work:

Terracotta stone installation is ongoing. Some stones are still in fabrication and have not yet shipped from the manufacturer. The last terracotta is scheduled to arrive in late December. This delivery date is much later than we had anticipated, but the good news is that the exterior scaffolding can come down!  Once the last stones arrive, they will put in when students are not in school.

The contractors are in the process of dismantling the scaffolding and this work will continue over the next couple of weeks. The sidewalk bridge (platform below the scaffolding) is still in place, and we are waiting for a Site Safety Plan to be approved before this last exterior protection can be taken down.

Play Yard:

The contractor had a walk-through with the Parks department last week, and the play structure appeared to be in good condition.

Resurfacing of the basketball yard area:

The contractors had been holding off on resurfacing until the construction trailer was removed, which happened this week.  We anticipate the scarifying (scraping) of the yard and subsequent resurfacing to occur in the next few weeks. During this time (about 7 days) the main yard will not be accessible. We will still be able to use the Play Yard, but will need to find a temporary route for getting there.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks.

Thank you,

Jessica Stander

Health & Safety

TNS Lice Checks - Friday, Sept 30th

TNS Lice Checks - Friday, Sept 30th

Health & Safety

Notes From 8.29.16 SCA Meeting

Dear TNS Community,

We have come a long way in the last 8-9 weeks.  We went from a stalled work site to a bustling transformation.  Through out the summer there have been crews of 80-120 people on site daily.  Some times seven day a week, two shifts a day. They have been communicating with us regularly and though they have made assurances, in construction there are usually setbacks. In this case it is the fabrication and shipment of terracotta from California. Because of this delay the work will not be totally complete by the time school starts.  But what I can tell you is the following:


I am very happy to report that the roof has been completed as has all the interior plaster and paint work on 3rd and 4th floors.

The final dusting and fine cleaning of classrooms and corridors is also done and the teachers were able to begin setting up their classrooms.


The masonry on the building is 99% complete. We are still waiting on 31 pieces of terra cotta to arrive to finish the project.

Prior to school opening the front and back of the school will be spruced up and the scaffolding is set to be removed at the beginning of next week and should be done by the time school starts.

They are also finishing up the window guard installation 


As for the play areas, we have not gotten as far as we wanted to but we are close.  As it stands currently for the first few weeks of school​ we will have the same footprint of play space as we did at the end of ​last ​school year.  As soon as the terracotta installation is complete (hopefully end of September) and all the bridges are removed​,​then the South yard in its entirety will be resurfaced.  That will mean about a week without use of that yard.  But by that time the Play structure will be accessible so there will be an active play area.

Health & Safety

Notes From 8.10.16 SCA Meeting

Please read the later bi-weekly report from the TNS Health and Safety Committee regarding building construction.


The SCA feels very confident that, with the exception of east and west sides of building in limited stairwell areas, all scaffolding will be down and classrooms ready before students arrive on day 1 of school.  At this point, the SCA can say that the outside play area that has been the staging area may not be repaved by day 1 of school; the latest it will be completed will be two weeks into September. The play area will be no less than it was at the end of last school year. Recent rain has not been helpful, but Liro has compensated by doing work on Sundays.   


  • 17 of the 42 remaining pieces of terra cotta roof arrived today. The rest are in transit. Though SCA does not expect to complete installing every Terra Cotta piece by day 1 of school, they will remove all scaffolding anyway.  The remaining roof stones will be installed by man lift after school hours.  This will necessitate the existence of a small lift crane barricaded on the 4th Street side of building.
  • 50% of new roof installation completed.
  • An extensive room-by-room walk through was conducted, identifying all remaining water damage and other damage.  SCA assures that all internal spaces will be repaired and professionally cleaned by August 29, when teachers arrive.  It is imperative that they coordinate and communicate with Willie, the building manager.



Health & Safety

Notes From 7.27.16 SCA Meeting

Please read the later bi-weekly report from the TNS Health and Safety Committee regarding building construction:


Work remains on schedule to meet deadline of having scaffolding down and classrooms ready before students arrive on day 1 of school.  SCA is optimistic, that outside play area work may be complete by day 1 of school, as well, but this is a best case scenario likelihood of which SCA will know much better about in two weeks/next meeting.   The weather (NO RAIN!) has by and large been our friend.


·         1,000 pieces of terra cotta have been installed. 42 remaining pieces of terra cotta roof expected to arrive in August.  More exact arrival time will be known by Monday, August 1.  Should the terra cotta arrive in a timely manner, and barring bad weather, the chances of having all scaffolding down by day 1 of school is very good.  Should the remaining terra cotta not arrive in timely manner,  the committee representatives  and SCA discussed a contingency plan of removing scaffolding by day 1 of school and installing remaining terra cotta by other means.

·         60% of roof has been cleared as of visit and new roof installation will begin this week.

·         Liro Construction fortunately discovered a drainage block in pipes, saving  the building a considerable amount of damage. Liro, building manager Wille and the committee identified all water damage to all classrooms and internal areas caused by past and present construction which Liro will remedy as part of their job.

·         SCA has agreed to assist in careful replanting of front of building garden plants as soon as practicable.

Next Meeting in 2 weeks.

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