Save the Library

Coin Drive

Hi, families --

I wish I had happier news to share. But The Neighborhood School must raise $40,000 by June 27th to save our library for next year.

There are lots of ways to pitch in:

  1. Donate. The amount we have to raise is what ONE YEAR of private school costs in NYC. And it’s what will preserve a library that serves over 311 students every year. If every kid at TNS could raise or donate $125, we’d have $40,000. If you can give more than that, DO.
  2. Ask friends & family for donations. See if your employer will match your contribution.
  3. Join our Coin Drive to Save the Library, kicking off soon – kids will collect small change to save their library. A dollar a day per child from April 17th to June 27th would net us close to $14,000.
  4. Mark your calendars for our May 13th fundraiser (with Gloria Steinem and Gail Collins! Tell your friends!) at McNally-Jackson bookstore at 6pm. It’ll cost $25 at the door and all proceeds will benefit TNS Library. And remember our June 6th celebration of TNS’s 20th birthday at 5:30pm -- we’ll fundraise there, too.
  5. Volunteer! Host a lemonade stand! Get creative!

Email Amy Richards, Marjorie Ingall or Roxanne Wolanczyk if you want to volunteer. You can donate via Paypal on our website (, or write a check to The Neighborhood School PTA (earmark it for the library on the memo line). The Neighborhood School PTA is a 501c3 charitable organization, so all contributions are tax deductible.

Why give? Because the library and our wonderful librarian Cheryl are vital to our kids’ education. Research indicates that having a school librarian is strongly correlated with student achievement … and the less wealthy the school, the stronger the correlation. Cheryl empowers our kids to love reading and teaches them the research skills and media literacy they’ll need for the real world. She brings in wonderful authors and does curriculum work in all our classrooms. WE NEED OUR LIBRARY!

And we need help now. We’re looking into grants and sponsorships to support the library in the years to come, and members of our community are trying to negotiate with the Department of Education about the extent of our budget cuts and curate lists of local businesses to approach strategically for funds. But at this moment, we need cash. In 2004, parents at TNS worked their butts off to get this library built. They raised the funding; a parent designed the space; many of us then and now volunteer in it. And now it’s up to all of use to save it.

Thanks, everyone.

Parent to Josie and Maxie
Neighborhood PTA Grant-Writing Committee


thank you for this post, Marjorie. I have posted it on my Facebook page and already two people completely unrelated to The Neighborhood School have contributed. Everyone should send out this link to all their friends and acquaintances. Even celebrities! It takes hardly any time and we never know who is willing to help. Every little bit helps.

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