Notes From 7.27.16 SCA Meeting

Please read the later bi-weekly report from the TNS Health and Safety Committee regarding building construction:


Work remains on schedule to meet deadline of having scaffolding down and classrooms ready before students arrive on day 1 of school.  SCA is optimistic, that outside play area work may be complete by day 1 of school, as well, but this is a best case scenario likelihood of which SCA will know much better about in two weeks/next meeting.   The weather (NO RAIN!) has by and large been our friend.


·         1,000 pieces of terra cotta have been installed. 42 remaining pieces of terra cotta roof expected to arrive in August.  More exact arrival time will be known by Monday, August 1.  Should the terra cotta arrive in a timely manner, and barring bad weather, the chances of having all scaffolding down by day 1 of school is very good.  Should the remaining terra cotta not arrive in timely manner,  the committee representatives  and SCA discussed a contingency plan of removing scaffolding by day 1 of school and installing remaining terra cotta by other means.

·         60% of roof has been cleared as of visit and new roof installation will begin this week.

·         Liro Construction fortunately discovered a drainage block in pipes, saving  the building a considerable amount of damage. Liro, building manager Wille and the committee identified all water damage to all classrooms and internal areas caused by past and present construction which Liro will remedy as part of their job.

·         SCA has agreed to assist in careful replanting of front of building garden plants as soon as practicable.

Next Meeting in 2 weeks.


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