Notes From 8.10.16 SCA Meeting

Please read the later bi-weekly report from the TNS Health and Safety Committee regarding building construction.


The SCA feels very confident that, with the exception of east and west sides of building in limited stairwell areas, all scaffolding will be down and classrooms ready before students arrive on day 1 of school.  At this point, the SCA can say that the outside play area that has been the staging area may not be repaved by day 1 of school; the latest it will be completed will be two weeks into September. The play area will be no less than it was at the end of last school year. Recent rain has not been helpful, but Liro has compensated by doing work on Sundays.   


  • 17 of the 42 remaining pieces of terra cotta roof arrived today. The rest are in transit. Though SCA does not expect to complete installing every Terra Cotta piece by day 1 of school, they will remove all scaffolding anyway.  The remaining roof stones will be installed by man lift after school hours.  This will necessitate the existence of a small lift crane barricaded on the 4th Street side of building.
  • 50% of new roof installation completed.
  • An extensive room-by-room walk through was conducted, identifying all remaining water damage and other damage.  SCA assures that all internal spaces will be repaired and professionally cleaned by August 29, when teachers arrive.  It is imperative that they coordinate and communicate with Willie, the building manager.




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