Notes From 10.11.16 SCA Meeting

Dear Neighborhood School Families,

Here is an update about construction:

School interior:

There is ongoing work on the 4th floor to replace the flooring which was damaged by water infiltration over the summer. Flooring work in three rooms remains. There are a few additional waterproofing issues that TNS is working on settling with SCA and the contractor.

Exterior Masonry Work:

Terracotta stone installation is ongoing. Some stones are still in fabrication and have not yet shipped from the manufacturer. The last terracotta is scheduled to arrive in late December. This delivery date is much later than we had anticipated, but the good news is that the exterior scaffolding can come down!  Once the last stones arrive, they will put in when students are not in school.

The contractors are in the process of dismantling the scaffolding and this work will continue over the next couple of weeks. The sidewalk bridge (platform below the scaffolding) is still in place, and we are waiting for a Site Safety Plan to be approved before this last exterior protection can be taken down.

Play Yard:

The contractor had a walk-through with the Parks department last week, and the play structure appeared to be in good condition.

Resurfacing of the basketball yard area:

The contractors had been holding off on resurfacing until the construction trailer was removed, which happened this week.  We anticipate the scarifying (scraping) of the yard and subsequent resurfacing to occur in the next few weeks. During this time (about 7 days) the main yard will not be accessible. We will still be able to use the Play Yard, but will need to find a temporary route for getting there.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks.

Thank you,

Jessica Stander


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